He fell on his head very quickly. Sly suffers from a concussion and a sprained toe | Currently

Czech MotoGP rider Filip Sala fell into the San Marino Grand Prix of the Moto2 class and did not finish the second consecutive race of the MotoGP World Championship.

After starting from the sixth row, the Gresini Racing Team driver was unable to improve to 17th place. On lap five, he in turn dropped to eighth and never made it back to his Grand Prix.

“At a speed of 220-230 km/h I was hit from a cliff and knocked terribly on the head. I think it was one of the worst falls of my career. I have a slight concussion, and a pinched thumb on my left hand. The way the fall looked, I’m happy the way it turned out, I’m in good health. I hope to be able to get to Aragon (the next WC race),” the slightly shaky competitor in the pits said, saying the fall was his opponent’s fault.

The 20-year-old has thus earned 21 points, which puts him in 21st place in the race standings. He suffered his second successive failure after finishing ninth at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and tenth in the previous race at Assen.

The collisions affected nearly half of the 31 riders, including qualifier winner and third-ranked World Cup winner Celestino Vitti of Italy. 20-year-old Alonso Lopez claimed the first victory of his career, and three other Spanish drivers crossed the finish line behind him.

Thanks to the third place, Augusto Fernandez returned to the top of the World Cup, and former leader i.e. Ogura of Japan came in fifth.

In the weakest Moto3 class, Italian Denis Foggia won for the third time of the season and cemented his third place overall. Thanks to the third place, Izan Guevara from Spain became the new leading man in the series, who beat his compatriot Sergio Garcia with six points. The former leader had a fall and was disqualified after returning to the track.

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Grand Prix of San Marino, Misano World Motorcycle Championship:

Moto3: 1. Foggia (Italy/Honda) 39: 21.864, 2. Macia (Sp./KTM) -0.289, 3. Guevara (Sp./GasGas) -0.334, 4. Öncü (Tur./KTM) -0.453, 5. Holgado (Sp. / KTM) -4.955, 6. Suzuki (Japan / Honda) -5.926.

Current standings (after 14 of 20 races): 1. Guevara 204 p., 2. García (Sp./GasGas) 193, 3. Foggia 169, 4. Masiá 147, 5. Öncü 140, 6. 4. Sasaki (Japan/Husqvarna) 138.

Moto2: 1. López (Sp./Boscoscuro) 40: 35.332, 2. Canet -1.253, 3. Augusto Fernández -3.305, 4. Arenas (all Sp./Kalex) -4.615, 5. Ogura (Japan/Kalex) -9.166, 6. Acosta (Sp./Kalex) -10.339, …Salad (ČR/Kalex) It’s not finished.

Current standings (after 14 of 20 races): 1. Augusto Fernández 198, 2. Ogura 194, 3. Canet 157, 4. Vietti 156, 5. Arbolino (Both It./Kalex) 117, 6. Roberts (USA/Kalex) 115, … 21. Salad 21.

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14:00 MotoGP.

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