He took from the rich and gave nothing to the poor. Jesse James was shot by his partner 140 years ago | Currently

American bank and train thief Jesse James was born exactly 175 years ago. He likened himself to the hero who helped the poor in the American South by robbing the rich in the North. James was one of the most famous bandits in the Wild West, but he did not become the second Robin Hood. He evaded justice for thirteen years, until 1882, when his friend shot him for a reward.

Jesse James was too young to be involved in the American Civil War, but old enough to be marked for violence against his family. A boy from southern Missouri watched his stepfather being tortured by northern militias before his eyes. Join the brutal fighters who terrorized the northerners and ambushed their soldiers.

It didn’t stop until after the war. Under the motto “We avenge the Yankees of the defeated South,” he followed along with his brother and relatives into a gang called the James Younger Gang. They robbed together, robbed banks and wagons. Jesse became the most wanted thief in America. His story is presented entirely by Aktuálně.cz in the gallery.

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