How to carry a Christmas tree If the fix is ​​not good enough, you can even kill |

How to safely transport a Christmas tree? The German car club ADAC wanted to simulate the impact of a car with a tree on the roof at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The German first used the usual flexible clamps to which he attached a 32-kilogram spruce.

The results were horrifying. The rubber could not withstand the overload, and the tree literally flew over the hood of the car. Traditional Christmas decorations have become deadly weapons that can seriously injure or even kill pedestrians or the crew of another vehicle.

The Germans then repeated the test with a tree secured using tightening straps as an example. In that case, he safely stayed in place.

Unlike wooden belts "rubber band" Holds securely in place.

Unlike ‘rubber bands’, the tightening band held the tree firmly in place. | | Photo: ADAC

Although hauling wood is not a science, we recommend following some basic tips. For example, the police can impose fines of up to 2,000 crowns for improperly secured cargo.

Watch our step-by-step video tutorials.

How to load the Christmas tree properly? Check out the video guide for his ADAC car club in Germany. | | Video: ADAC

Trees should always be transported with the thick part of the trunk facing the direction of travel. Also, it should always be secured using the aforementioned tightening straps. It is wrapped around the trunk and crown. They can get caught in the eyes around the vehicle’s boot or lateral roof beams. If you are worried about scratching the paint when carrying it on the roof of your car, wrap the wood in an old blanket or similar.

Remember that when transporting in the trunk, even after the backrest is folded down, if a long tree extends more than 1 meter from the back of the car, it must be done in the spirit of road traffic. please give me. Be active and wear red flags during the day and red lights and red reflectors at night.


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