Hundreds of millions flock to the Czech Republic. Football clubs have already earned more than half a billion | Currently

Czech football clubs have already earned at least 660 million kroner for the qualifying results of this cup season. They can make more money on the set, and they also get paid from selling tickets and TV rights.

To date, Pilsen has won most of the domestic teams, which will receive 470 million crowns from UEFA to advance to the main stage of the Champions League and the ten-year coefficient, and in total it will certainly exceed more than half a billion. .

As the Czech champion, Victoria has fought three preliminary rounds to the Champions League group, and then she will receive a bonus of 15.64 million euros (386 million kroner).

For the ten-year coefficient, the West Bohemians will receive 3.411 million euros (84 million kroner) as the third worst team among the 32 entrants in the main stage of the prestigious competition.

The West Bohemian Club will receive another large sum for television rights and ticket sales. Pilsen will play three home matches against giants Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Inter Milan in the Champions League group and, according to estimates, they can receive more than 50 million kroner for the entrance fee. However, Victoria has not yet announced ticket prices.

It is already clear that the West Bohemians will earn more than half a billion crowns this cup season. They can get tens of millions more if they manage to surprise one of the candidates in the group. UEFA awarded the game 2.8 million euros (69 million kronor) for a win and 930,000 euros (23 million kroner) for a draw.

Slavia and Slovako, who qualified for the main stage of the European Conference League, are far behind Pilsen in terms of earnings. For promotion to the group, both clubs will receive 2.94 million euros (about 72 million kroner), and Victoria can also look to ten-year funding, although it is a much lower amount.

As the seventh-best club, the Prague team will receive 1.157 million euros (29 million kroner), and Uhersky Hradisto’s team will receive less than ten million kroner.

Both clubs, as well as Plzeň, can earn extra money during the competition. There is half a million euros (12 million crowns) for a win in the Conference League group and 166 thousand euros (four million crowns) for a draw.

The share of TV rights is insignificant compared to the Champions League, and it is ten times less than the total amount of all 32 clubs.

A bonus of approximately 11 million crowns for the season will also be received by Sparta, who have been eliminated from the start with the Viking Stavanger. Litenesti will receive €350,000 as part of a solidarity payment from UEFA for the second qualifying round of the Conference League, and €100,000 for each preliminary round played if the club does not advance to the group stage.

As part of the ten-year coefficient, the total amount of the selected competition is divided by the number of participants, and then individual clubs receive the appropriate amount according to their rank.

While 600 million euros were “dissolved” between 32 teams in the Champions League, only 69.75 million euros in the European League and only 23.5 million euros in the Conference League.

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