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Ukrainian photojournalist Andriy Dubchak and his son survived a cluster munitions attack. The gun also damaged their car. “At first, the blast was heard in the distance, but gradually it got closer. After a few seconds, hell began,” the Ukrainian journalist explained in the report. The pair made a banned bomb attack video.

RFE – What is it like to be in the middle of a Russian cluster bomb attack? | | Video: Radio Free Europe

Andrij Dubčak and his son Danylo were filming Russian shelling on the outskirts of Bakhmut when a cluster bomb hit them in late July. “Honestly, I didn’t know what it was because it wasn’t a normal sound like a cannonball or hand grenade. After a while, I realized it was a cluster bomb. At first, I heard an explosion in the distance, but gradually They approached. A few seconds later, it fell into hell.

Photojournalists heard an explosion and felt a shock wave around them. “You were just laying there thinking. I wasn’t thinking about my safety, but what my son was doing, where he was and what he was doing with him.” It was really crazy.After the wave of explosions, I got up and went to my son.The cluster munitions probably also have a timer.As soon as I got up there was another explosion,” said Andrij Dubčak. added Mr. Fortunately, the photojournalist and his son were not injured in the attack.

Most countries have agreed to ban this type of weapon. However, some countries such as Russia, China and the United States did not sign the Cluster Munitions Convention in 2008. The international organization Human Rights Watch has found that Russia has deployed cluster munitions on a large scale, and Ukraine has used cluster munitions at least three times since the Russian invasion began.

A cluster bomb is a type of cluster bomb.It consists of a container (cartridge) containing a certain amount of submunitions such as small bombs. They are released gradually. However, many bombs do not detonate upon impact and may detonate decades later. “It is very easy to use, safe for the Russian army, and at the same time very effective,” the journalist explained. Cluster bombs are known to kill and maim civilians, especially children.

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