In the PID Lítačka app, in addition to public transport, you can order and pay for shared bikes or taxis –

metro - pragueAuthor: Karel Schock, Internet Information

Inside the mobile app PID Litačka You will have to pay and order more types of transportation in Prague in the future. Bicycle and car services, taxi services and parking will be gradually integrated in addition to public transportation that is already operating. The pilot project was commissioned to the city’s IT company ICT operatorThe contract was approved by the Prague City Council.

“In practice, it will work in such a way that the user makes one registration, plans a route, chooses a means of transportation and pays directly for all the services used from the respective service providers in one mobile app. The current situation is that users are forced to use the applications of the individual service providers or other Standard means of paying the fare for each mode of transport,” the ICT operator explains.

The pilot project will consist of four phases spanning twenty-eight months: “The first phase will focus on the detailed processing of the system structure, which will be based on functional and interoperable requirements. The development of a unified registration and payment program for mobility services and subsequent integration into the PID Lítačky application are part of the second phase. The third stage will be devoted to actual testing and the final stage is for trial run.”

The PID Lítačka app is currently used by public transport in Prague and the surrounding area. You can search for connections and buy one-time and long-term fare. The ICT operator has been thinking about interfacing with other forms of transportation for some time. In the past, Prague together with Nextbike and Rekola have launched an event where shared bikes can be used for free with functional Lítáčka. More than ten thousand people have benefited from this upgrade.

PID Lítačka will also be expanded to include a parking database with the option to navigate to the nearest parking space. Prague City Council has again signed a pilot project contract with the ICT operator. The data will also go to the Golemio data platform.

“The benefit of the project lies in the fact that as much information as possible will be disseminated about the parking lots being created in Central Bohemia, both about the total and current capacity, as well as about other data such as the price of parking. This makes it easier for drivers to plan their trip and choose a networked connection. Integrated transport in Prague.Above all, this will help them decide where to park, so that they do not drive unnecessarily to full car parks and do not waste time looking for free parking spaces near their trip destination.This can help significantly reduce the number of cars that arrive in Prague, improve the use of public transport capabilities (mainly basic railways), contribute to the flow of traffic, reduce the environmental burden caused by vehicular traffic and infrastructure erosion. P + R parking, but only on city territory, and indirectly by redirecting it to the TSK payment system, they also use the possibility of cashless payment of parking fees in parking areas Driven in Prague. The ICT office will use this experience specifically to simplify the parking of passenger cars in the parking lots in the catchment area of ​​Prague, defined by the Prague Territory, the Central Bohemia Region and its adjacent areas,” says the ICT operator.

The pilot project will consist of four phases lasting thirty-three months: “The first phase will focus on establishing cooperation in parking integration, as well as on setting up the data platform. Securing and integrating data in parking lots and expanding the functionality of the PID Lítačka application are part of the second phase. The third phase will be dedicated to operation Trial and testing, and the final stage is for trial run.”


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