Problems are often caused by diverting trains from the lines that are being repaired. The railway administration promises that the situation will improve once the work is completed. “We are gradually complementing the ongoing investments we have made at the same time,” said Dushan Gavinda, a spokesman for the railway administration.

However, the management of railways and carriers are facing criticism from passengers due to the planned delays and closures. “In the summer, we wanted to ride the pendulum with our grandson. Instead of the planned three-hour trip, we spent another hour on the train,” for example, Petra Hola complained to Jesenico.

Reconstruction of the path in the valley of Orlitz

Trains are six hours late? Railroad workers promised treatment. late, says the driver

According to experts, planned shutdowns by railway workers are to blame for similar situations. When an emergency occurs on the side road, chaos occurs. “Just like roads and highways, there is also a lack of concept when planning for railways,” said transport engineer and former Minister of Transportation Peter Moss. Other experts also claim that exclusion is excessive and not well planned.

The railway administration rejects the criticism. According to her, the schedules take into account business impacts, in addition, repairs and modernization are inevitable and necessary for future comfort. Having it fixed over several years will not improve the situation. “Instead of more than seven years, the restrictions have been concentrated in about two and a half years and will begin to gradually decrease. This year it will end near Poříčany and Přerov, in the middle of next year, with the completion of the section near stí nad Orlicí, and long-distance connections will also return from the diversion via Vysočina to the corridor,” explained the management spokesperson. At the same time, he added that no reconstruction or modernization of the track would begin this year.

However, the situation did not go unanswered. In response to hour-long train delays, the Board decided to make changes to the railway management’s administrative bonus system. The new assessment will also depend on how the trains adhere to schedules.