Inter didn’t lend us the ball much, Belzenci lamented. Bielik was annoyed by the unnecessary exclusion | Currently

They faced the most accepted contender on paper in the “Group of Death” in the Champions League, moreover at home in Štruncový sady. However, Pilsen’s players were still far from the points, falling 0: 2. Some players regretted the performance against Inter Milan.

Defender Ludek Bernica commented: “Inter is a great team. We played from our group, they didn’t give us the ball much. And when we got it, we quickly lost it again.”

Viktoria has possession of the ball only 31 percent of the time, similar to less than that in Barcelona. She lost 8:17 in shots, while she was shooting directly between the crossbars only once and in the 79th minute, when Fortune Bassey extended Adam Vlkanova’s cross.

Bernica added: “We were able to get to a short end of the whole match. We are disappointed, we wanted to show maybe a little more in front of the host crowd and score at least one more goal. The performance could also have been better.”

Pilsen did not perform well especially in the first half of the first half, when they collected three yellow cards and grabbed the money after a hit to Edin Deco.

“From the start, we pulled the short end of the stick. We practically did not enter the match for twenty minutes,” said defender Bechara captain, Lucas Hegda.

Midfielder Yan Sokora agreed: “We had problems at the beginning.” “We were preparing for them,” he sighed, “but the reality was something else.”

After a slow start, coach Michal Bellic suddenly rearranged the squad and home team. Inter still enjoyed more of the game and goalkeeper Jindřich Staněk had to save the team several times, but hope for a tie (and money to the club’s coffers for a draw) persisted.

However, about half an hour before the final whistle, Pavel Bucha lost the ball and immediately directed hard at Barilla in the offensive half. He got a red card from the referee, who was checking the situation by video. “So it may be over,” Hajdah agreed. Especially when Inter harnessed the power of play long before.

“Every red card in this place is useless,” Bílek assessed Buch’s fault. He added: “He occupied it for a long time, beat the opponent, and the red card fell. If the opponent goes to the goal by himself, then this interference can be understood, but in the half of the opponent it is unnecessary.”

He has one wish for the upcoming Champions League matches – to make no mistake.

“All the matches ahead of us will be difficult or even more difficult. Bayern, along with Barcelona, ​​are the biggest favorites of the group. If we want to play an equal match with these teams or at least play a good game, we must not make mistakes and get a lot of cards. We must We play in eleven,” Bilyk pleaded.

“I’m not saying that against Inter the result would have been different if we had finished with eleven. Maybe it would have ended the same way or we would have lost more, but in general it is difficult in the case of ten men,” despaired.

After two matches in the millionaire group of the Champions League, Victoria got zero points and with a score of 1: 7. The next match will be held on October 4 in the hot ground of Bayern Munich.


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