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Former SPD candidate Tomia Okamura and later Freebloc admitted to inciting violence against members of parliament and senators in the video. He will get a suspended sentence and a fine for this. The man was investigated by the Central Office for Combating Organized Crime.In the past, he was also tried for the murder of his uncle, but the court acquitted him.

On February 6th of this year, bricklayer Zdeněk Strapina donned a communist Czechoslovakian uniform, turned on her camera, and launched an hour-long broadcast on the social network Facebook. He sharply criticized the then-approved pandemic law, which gave governments the power to curb the spread of epidemics, including the covid-19 disease, without a state of emergency.

“Pandemic law gives corona fascists the right to do whatever they want with us. Killing a tyrant is not murder, it’s justice. Government cleans its ass with us ‘Why? “Zm*di belongs nowhere else.

At the end of August, the National Center for Anti-Organized Crime, details unknown she informed, she ended an investigation into a man who had threatened Congress with violence. She suggested that he be impeached. takes effect. According to Aktuálně.cz findings, that’s exactly Strapina.

fines and long term

Brno District Court spokeswoman Klara Berkovova confirmed to Aktuálně.cz that “the proceedings against defendant ZS are being conducted by the Brno District Court, Zlín branch.” Negotiations are set for her within two weeks, and Judge Iveta Šperlichová is expected to approve her Strapina agreement with the prosecutor of Olomouc’s High Public Prosecutor’s Office.

A spokesman for the court confirmed the information on Aktuálně.cz and said that, pursuant to the agreement, Strapin would receive a four-year probation period and a two-year suspended sentence with a fine of 30,000 crowns. The basic premise of is that the defendant confessed to the crime. The confession is a major mitigating circumstance that has spared Strapina the threat of a higher sentence.

“The criminal prosecution was made in connection with the publication of the video on the social network. Our conclusion is that the person committed a terrorist crime in the form of calling for acts of violence against both members. Chamber of the Czech Republic parliament,” said NCOZ spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej. In the worst cases, strap-ins can face up to 15 years in prison.

“I’m not going to just sit on the internet”

But even the agreement with the prosecutor did not compel Strapina to detain and act in public. I spoke at the conference. The event was broadcast by Raptor TV. Its founder, his Žarko Jovanovič, is affiliated with Russian military television Zvezda and the main propaganda program of Russian state television Rossiya.

“Each of us right to express ourselves freely is being trampled here. I love this country. We’re not just sitting there, we’re fighting for the Internet,” he declared to attendees, denouncing, among other things, aid to Russia-occupied Ukraine.

His performance was preceded by the song “Nevinnej” by the extremist band Ortel. Strapina went on to say that the Czechs “stole from the people. They stole our children from us. They brainwashed us at school.” He also spoke of a vague conspiracy to deprive Bohemia of its property. His DSSS chairman, Tomas Vandas, a neo-Nazi, took over the mic after him.

not guilty of murder

Strapina has already run into criminal law in the past. 10 years ago, prosecutor Roman Kafka suspected murder Hradčice’s uncle in the Uherskohradišť area, who was to be killed by hitting his head with a brick. The main evidence for the prosecution was the smell of bricks and the victim’s gestures pointing to Strapina just before her death.

Zdenek Strapina is running for Tomio Okamura's SPD in the 2020 local elections.

Zdenek Strapina is running for Tomio Okamura’s SPD in the 2020 local elections. | | Photo: Aktuálně.cz

“The suspicion is based on the victim’s own testimony, as well as the fact that the brick crime scene used in the attack had traces of the same person – the same defendant – smelling the victim’s empty wallet. as well,” prosecutor Kafka justified the indictment.

However, a court panel headed by Radomir Koudera acquitted Strapa. He did not believe that the evidence presented was so strong that he could be identified as the perpetrator beyond any doubt. His uncle’s survivor, on the other hand, was convinced that he was the one who hit the brick.

“We’re going to kick the shit out of them”

In February of this year, the day before Strapina, pro-Russian disinformation Tomas Czermark broadcast a hateful video on his Facebook profile. He also actively opposed pandemic laws. Chermak said demonstrations were no longer enough and called for a direct liquidation of parliamentarians and senators.

“We have to take it the hard way. We have to take them by the handle. I need to beat those cows, but it’s brutal,” he yelled at the camera. He himself said that Zudenda would help him organize the fight.

Chermak was also accused by the National Central Office Against Organized Crime of inciting a terrorist attack, or rather one. Prosecutor Martin Billy of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague said in connection with this that the central office had proposed to prosecute him at the end of August. If the office of Chief Prosecutor Lenka Vladachova actually takes the case to court, Chermak could face up to his 15-year prison sentence.

Chermak has been in custody since August 5 in another case. Police have accused him and his associate Patrick Tuschl of defaming countries, races and ethnic groups and inciting hatred. , they called on Facebook supporters to lash out against them.

VIDEO: Zdeněk Strapina and Tomas Czermark Call on Czechs to Use Violence on Social Networks

Zdeněk Strapina and Tomas Czermark called for violence against Czechs on social networks.Video: Zdenek Strapina/Tomasz Czermak

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