It was an exceptional case. Marseille and Frankfurt fans shoot each other | Currently

An Eintracht Frankfurt fan was seriously injured during a mass riot at the Champions League soccer match on Tuesday in Marseille. He fell down the stairs after being hit by fireworks that were attacked by the camps of the two teams’ supporters.

According to the investigation agency, he was shot in the neck and lost a lot of blood. In addition, he had a fracture of the cervical vertebrae and three ribs. He is in the hospital. Doctors have not yet decided whether he will have surgery for a vertebral fracture.

“His condition is stable and his life is out of danger,” said Eintracht president Philip Rechke. “It was an exceptional situation and it could be something worse. It’s strange the level of aggression and hatred we faced,” Riche said after the match, which Frankfurt won 1-0 to claim their first Champions League victory. “There were certainly a lot of aggressors on both sides, but I would say there were a lot more local aggressors. This is not an excuse and it is not intended to defend anyone who behaves in the same way,” he said.

Today, the French police said that 17 of its members and two German fans were injured in the clashes. Eleven policemen were slightly injured, and 17 people were arrested.

The match is expected to be held by the UEFA Disciplinary Committee. He will investigate the riots in the hall and the possible racist behavior of Eintracht fans.


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