It was definitely, I don’t understand that the referee didn’t see the penalty kick, Kalabishka was angry right now

Brno hockey players entered the new season of the extra league victorious. In the opening match of the 30th Anniversary, they beat Karlovy Vary 6:1 on the ice. The host team reversed its course in the second half with three goals, two of which were scored by Finn Kim Stromberg in his first appearance in the Czech League. Lubusz-Horke scored two goals as well. In the third act, Jakub Flick, the former Karlovy Vary striker, made his mark with Brno.

Coach Martin Pichot, who previously led Karlovy Vary Energia for five years, made his first appearance on the bench at Comets. David Brook trained here for the first time and he has to wait for the first points.

The match started in a cautious spirit, aside from Flick’s home chance and after one match, nothing major happened on the ice. Defense dominated and efforts not to commit a foul.

The guests have already turned Brno’s first little hesitation against the offensive blue into the number one goal of the entire season. After a quick break, Koblas hit the disc in the circle and shot past Ziliak, who took priority among Brno’s poles over the new Furch reinforcement.

Only after the goal scored, Komita added a striker, Zakovic, Aluja and Stromberg had chances, but their shots did not lead to a draw.

After the first break, the Brno team continued their attacking style and were rewarded for it. Stromberg scored the first ever goal for Kumita and in the Czech League. Guard Lukes did not have a clear conscience. Holick then fired the disc, but his gloom was dispelled by his partner from the first attack, Hurku, when he sent the disc under the bar at close range.

West Bohemia could have equalized after Ehrenoch’s chance, but it was their only chance. The host team imposed the rhythm of the match and got the third goal, and the second from the power game. Stromberg was right again.

At the start of the third quarter, the 34-year-old Finn was close to hitting a triple, but it didn’t work out. Then his team reduced the attacking speed and focused more on defending its two-goal lead. When the opportunity arose for Kfro, Ziljak held it, and practically from a counterattack, Kollar was victorious after stopping.

Komita’s luxury was manifested in another event, after which former Karlovy Vary striker Flick scored the first goal for Giumoravani. Hurco sealed Brno’s clear win with his second goal, thus using third power play.

Overtime Hockey League 1st round:

HC Kometa Brno – HC Energie Karlovy Vary 6:1 (0:1, 3:0, 3:0)

Goals and assists making: 24. Stromberg (Koblchik), 28. Horko (Kogrick), 37. Stromberg (Kaluga), 47. Kolar (Sus, Alli), 48. Flick (Zbojel), 56. Horko (Aluja, Koblechik) – 15. Koplach. Referee: Haidok, Jabek-Rambir, Sinek. Exclusion: 5: 6. Usage: 3: 0. Viewers: 6163.

Brno: Ziliak – Kondratik, Utka, Gulachi, Kaluga, Holland, Kojrik – Horko, Holik, Zakovic – Kobleczek, Stromberg, Flik – Ally, Zboril, Kolar – Venkor, Suss, Kratochville. Coach: On foot.

Karlovy Vary: Lukeš – Plutnar, Bartejs, Dlapa, Bernad, Půlpán, Havlín, Rohan – Vondráek, Gríger, Rachůnek – Kohout, Černoch, Koblasa – Kofroň, Hladonik, Beránek – Sapoušek, Redlich. Coach: Brock.


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