Joy for Ukraine, debacle for Russia. How Kyiv turned the tide of war in his 72 hours |

For more than half a year, the Kremlin has carried out unprovoked armed attacks against neighboring countries. But it took only three days for the battlefield picture to change beyond recognition.

The Ukrainian army took the Russians by surprise with a massive attack. The occupying forces are now hastily retreating eastward. It is the biggest military success for Ukrainians since they withdrew the invaders from the capital in April.

Photos and videos posted on credible social media accounts show the Russian army left behind large amounts of heavy equipment and ammunition. Ukrainians joke that Moscow has become the largest arms supplier.

Ukrainian forces have successfully liberated the cities of Kupyansk and Izzum, according to the American TV channel CNN.Moscow has confirmed it has withdrawn its troops from there, and Volodymyr Zelensky shared a photo of Ukrainian troops outside the gates of Izdum. No, according to British reporters, fighting is still going on on the ground.

Izyum and Kupyansk represent important hubs for Russia to supply its troops in Donbass. The victory at Izjum is therefore particularly noteworthy.

Photo: ISW

Reports of Ukrainian soldiers arriving in Lischensk, which departed in June, have yet to be confirmed. Rumors of fighting near Donetsk airport have also not been confirmed. On the contrary, the escape of Russians from the small town of Kozacha Lopan, north of Kharkov, is confirmed. This may free Ukraine’s second largest city from bombing, as invaders bombed it with grenades and rockets from here.

Disillusionment is rampant on Russian social networks, Ukraine He is euphoric. Above all, she needed success as proof that a military victory over Moscow was somehow possible.

According to Kyiv’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleva, the Ukrainian army has shown that it can defeat the Russians if it has good weapons. , the war will end soon.”

The President of Ukraine also expressed satisfaction with the development Volodymyr Zelensky“Recently, the Russian military is doing its best. It’s the flip side of that,” he wrote in a post on Telegram’s social network.

Moscow about the situation in the northeast of the country, already attacked in february, does not inform much. Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov only announced that “the army is being reorganized.”president Vladimir Putin No public statement has been made yet.

But pro-Russian forces in Ukraine have not hidden their disappointment. The Kyiv-loyal governor of the Kharkiv region, Olev Sinekhbov, expressed enthusiasm, saying that “army boys and girls are writing a new history for a free Ukraine,” while Russian-appointed collaborator Nikolai Ganchev said: He urged residents to evacuate.

Australian military expert and retired Maj. Gen. Mick Ryan said: He’s mocking Russia’s aggression on Twitter, but his predictions usually come truemarking the current Ukrainian success as a turning point.

“The initiative is now on the Ukrainian side and this will continue until winter. The war is not over, but we are probably seeing a major turning point,” he said. But he warns that the Kremlin could now become unpredictable. Yes, unlike many high-ranking officials, he does not appear to have acknowledged the issue of aggression so far,” the expert judges. .

Apparently in response to Kyiv’s current military successes, Russian artillery began firing heavily on the cities of Mykolaiv, Dnipro and Nikopol on Sunday night.

Video: Ukrainians pretending to be dead to fool their enemies

In the video, some Ukrainian soldiers pretended to be dead to fool the enemy. | | Video: Aktuálně.cz/Telegram/Kristian Udarov


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