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Karel JanicekAuthor: Jan Sedlac

Mathematician and businessman Karel Janicek Bought a virtual plot in the VR metaverse with crypto Somnium space, where he will begin to run part of his presidential campaign. The billionaire does not specify exactly how much he has invested in the entire activity in virtual reality. However, Lupe told that he bought an XL plot of land in Somnium Space, which In the OpenSea market It sells for about five Ethereum, which is currently around 189 thousand kroner after the drop.

Janeček also bought a VR headset LED indicator tactile suit TlassoThanks to him, for example, one can feel raindrops and other sensations on the body. It will connect to metaverse through this device. The Teslasuit cannot be purchased in a normal trading network at the moment. It’s a British startup that Somnium Space has also invested in, for example To open the French Lynx VR glasses.

Somnium Space operates Artur will see, who was born and raised in Ukraine, but has been living and working in the Czech Republic for years. Virtual Earth and other equipment can be purchased in his virtual reality world. Everything is built on the blockchain. The market value itself moves About half a billion kroner, but it reacts to crypto and market events.

The Winklevoss brothers, among others, have invested in Somnium Space. They sued Mark Zuckerberg It was settled out of court for allegedly stealing Facebook from them. Somnium Space builds as A decentralized budget for Zuckerberg’s plans to create a huge metaverse. According to Zuckerberg, this is a long shot and the activities will be unprofitable for ten years or more. Syshouf also launched a decentralized network a few days ago originalityWhich It’s meant to be uncensored thanks to the blockchain.

VR and signatures

Seeshow supports Cengic as a presidential candidate because he is claimed to be the only one who says what he really thinks. This sometimes puts him in a media naughty role. His actions are sometimes amusing on the Internet. For example, he climbed in bare snow boots, left himself trapped in his abs, allegedly encountered tense situations when skydiving, etc. The fact of his success in running came from his mathematical calculations.

The campaign, conducted in part through virtual reality, is his next attempt at interesting PR. He was probably the first presidential candidate in the world to do something like this. On the XL lot in Somnium Space, he has his own SDK build space where you can meet him. “Official business hours” have not yet been set, but they will not exist every day.

The metaverse is supposed to present your jeans with different events. He currently exhibits 21 artworks there to support Ukraine. People can come to him there to discuss. You don’t necessarily need a VR headset, you can also connect to Somnium Space from a PC in 2D format.

Another option is to stop at VR Play Park On Wenceslas Square in Prague. It’s the commercial virtual reality game room where Janeček started his metaverse campaign. At the same time, interested parties will be able to visit his virtual world for free and submit their signature there in support of Gensik’s candidacy. VR Play Park is run by Torch Entertainment, which is owned by five Prague entrepreneurs.

Real estate entrepreneur in VR

Cengic traveled to Prague to support an American real estate investor Isaac Gendy, who co-owns Century 21 and is primarily active in New York. Gendy has also begun investing heavily in a virtual land in Somnium Space.

“I spend several hours a day in Metaverse,” said the soldier. At Somnium Space under the ISG brand, it builds a range of attractions and activities and has a business model built around them. “Metaverse is unstoppable. Somnium Space is great because it is a decentralized service where the government is not watching you all the time and you can be anyone,” Jendy added.

Cengic links his work in the metaverse to one of the topics he wants to “push” as a presidential candidate, the digital space. In short, Jenzik stated that technology is a great thing that gives us a lot of possibilities, but at the same time we need to be careful about it. These are not new or ground-breaking ideas and the question is whether they will resonate with voters. Other politicians do not focus on the region. It is a question of whether he knows very well why or because of ignorance.

“Modern technology should not make us slaves. Social networks should not only use trading algorithms. Modern communication technology should not be used to spread lies. If any technology fails, we should not enter into global paralysis,” Genczyk said among other slogans.

He also noted the potential of technologies such as virtual reality, where patients can, for example, enter virtual worlds and temporarily disappear from reality and a hospital bed. In fact, virtual reality is increasingly being used in healthcare or for therapeutic purposes. A new document can be recommended here We met in virtual reality, which is depicted in the meta version of VRChat. It is available on HBO Max.

Currently, Janeček has no intention of venturing into other virtual worlds. He told Lupe that he hadn’t thought of Roblox, for example, and that Somnium Space was enough for him. We’ll see how many people they target in this way. This metaverse is actively used by one to two thousand people every day.

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