Krzetinski bought a mansion near Paris. He pays $734 million to turn it into a luxury hotel.

Czech businessman Daniel Krzetinski bought the Marais castle with its large park and water body in the village of Val-Saint-Germain, 40 kilometers southwest of Paris. According to Le Monde, a luxury hotel will be built here that will offer a horseback riding experience. Krzetinski’s representatives in France did not want to comment on the deal, according to the newspaper.

The three-story mansion has 100 rooms, including a ceremonial hall with 24 Greek columns. The 18th-century château belonged to the Frotier de Bagneux and de Pourtales families for over 100 years. However, sightseeing tours and rentals for filming and private his parties were not enough to cover upkeep costs.

The property has been on the market for several years and was bought by a Czech billionaire earlier this summer for around €30 million (734 million crowns), according to unofficial Le Monde sources.

Village mayor Serge Drouge hopes the new owners will invest in the restoration of the chateau and restore it to its former glory. Then the mansion will also benefit Le Val Saint-Germain and its inhabitants. “We need employees and hotel staff, restaurants and gardeners. The castle may have 400 jobs,” the mayor said.


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