Kúdel and Kuchta also nominated for League of Nations membership, Tecl not yet invited | Currently

Defender Ondig Kudila of Persija Jakarta was also nominated for the Czech national football team’s last two League of Nations Group A matches against Portugal and Switzerland in September. Key striker Patrick Schick, who missed last June’s match due to injury, is returning to the national team.

The wings of Ilhafe will meet for the first time since the start of the new club season. First, on September 24, they will welcome Portugal to Eden in Prague, and three days later they will introduce themselves in Switzerland.

After four out of six group matches, the Czechs are in third place, one point behind Switzerland. The worst team in the table will be relegated to Tier B in the Nations League.

Schick has not played for the national team since last October. In addition to his five-goal holder in last year’s European Championship, midfielders Petr Sivczyk and Antonin Barak, who recently headed to Fiorentina, winger Jakub Jancto, right-back or midfielder Lukas Masopust and goalkeeper Jeshy Pavlenka will return from the June meeting. The last time the Bremen goalkeeper played for the national team was last June in preparation for the European Championship.

“We are happy to have them all back. Players like Patrick Schick or Antonin Barak are of course very good players, and their experience will only benefit the team,” Silhafe said at the press conference. The coach added: “Peter Sevczyk was sick, but it’s not serious. We talked to him, he should be fine.”

On the other hand, due to injuries, long-time defenders Jan Boyle, David Hovorka, Ondig Celestka, Tomas Kallas, Tomas Petrasek, defender Ladislav Krejese Jr and striker Matej Vedra are still missing. Among the substitutes is defensive player Tomasz Holech, who is currently struggling with health issues, but is likely to be called up by Silhavy as well. Another defensive player, Michel Sadek, is in a similar situation.

The 35-year-old Kúdela played for the national team last March. He then served a ten-match ban for allegedly racially abusing an opponent in a Europa League match in Glasgow against Rangers. During the June meeting, he was also called up to the national team, but remained only on the bench. In the summer, head from Slavia to the Indonesian league.

“We are a bit too close to the central defenders, as well as the complexities with Tomasz Holech. We know Ondra well. Even if he disappears a little bit, we follow him on video. He plays all the games. Although we can argue about the quality of the competition, he has shown in the past that he enjoys With experience and he has qualities. That’s why we called him.”

Several players who are in good form at the start of the season have not yet been nominated. Jan Sokora of Pilsen with Adam Velkanova or the league’s top scorer, striker Stanislav Tikl, are just among the substitutes. Spartan Jan Kuchta, who recently served a five-match disciplinary penalty, was given priority in attack, and Adam Hluczek, who was not feeling well after his move to Leverkusen, is also present.

“Kuchta showed in the last meeting that he can be a very good player, we count on that. Standa Tecl is leaning. He was called once, he didn’t score, then he was not called up again. The nomination is not complete, there are still three vacancies. Standa can be nominated for one of them. In addition, Adam Hluczyk can also play from the side, so we will only have two strikers.”

Jankta was also included in the nomination, who was not yet in perfect shape after coming to Sparta in the summer. “Yankto has been with us from the beginning. I agree that he is not at an impressive level. Wherever he is here, we can count on him and he has played well in matches. That is the reason for his nomination,” Šilhavý said. “There are mostly players on the roster who have achieved something. We play a lot. We will have space for some training during the November meeting, when there are two preparatory matches,” Ilhavu added.

The team will meet on Monday afternoon in Prague.

The Czech national football team nominations for the Nations League match with Portugal (24 September in Prague) and Switzerland (27 September in St. Gallen):

Site name and surname club start times Objectives
goalkeepers Jerry Pavlenka Bremen 14 0
Jindřich Stanek Pilsen 4 0
Thomas Vaclic Olympiacos Piraeus 51 0
Defenders Jacob Brabec Aris Thessaloniki 30 2
Vladimir Koval West Ham 30 1
Milan Havel Pilsen 4 0
Vaclav Jemelka Pilsen 5 0
Ondřej Kúdela Persia Jakarta 8 0
David Winter FC Torino 11 0
yaroslav zeleny Sparta Prague 5 0
Reserves Antonin Brack Fiorentina 31 8
Vaclav Cerny Twenty Enschede 4 0
Jacob Juncteau Sparta Prague 45 4
Lukas Kalvatsch Pilsen 3 0
Lucas Masopust Slavia Prague 31 2
Thomas Suchek West Ham 52 9
Peter Sevczyk Slavia Prague 12 0
attackers Adam Hluzk Leverkusen 18 1
Jan Kochta Sparta Prague 10 2
Patrick Chic Leverkusen 33 17

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