Lako was ten times closer to winning in MOST, and finished in second place | Currently

Bugera pilot Adam Lakko won second places in the European Tractor Championship races at Most Circuits in front of the home crowd.

The most dramatic of the four races was the second on Saturday. In it, riders start in reverse order. He quickly climbed to third and went on to win in a dramatic finish. He ended up a tenth of a second behind Britain’s Jimmy Anderson after attacking in the last corner.

“They say, when they fight, the third laughs. During the race I didn’t have the ability to catch up with them, but in the last two or three laps we saw that they started getting a lot of soap,” Lako said, referring to Anderson’s fight with Lucas Hahn of Germany.

“I thought it might be an opportunity, so I tried to pull back so I wouldn’t slow down. I caught up with them, took advantage of that in the last corner and it was close and I was almost first,” added the buggy driver.

However, the only Czech participant in the Middle East was well aware that he could not take more risks during the attack. “If there was a bigger gap, I wouldn’t have had to slow down on the exit and I would have had more speed on the finish line, but it wasn’t safe. I just had to slow down,” Lako said.

He repeated the silver position on Sunday in the last of four races recorded at Mustique. The 37-year-old raced for a long time in third, but on the eighth lap he managed to overtake Lucas Hahn of Germany and repeat Saturday’s result.

“Today’s car preparation was much better than it was on Saturday. In the last race, I didn’t want to wait to overtake Han, so as not to miss. I saw hungry wolves in the rearview mirror, who were waiting for my hesitation,” Lako said. But at least I cheered the onlookers. The second attempt in the double corner after the start was really safe and successful.”

The home of Giladna, who added fourth and fifth places to the second place in Most, was also satisfied as he came close to consistently third Sach Lenz of Germany in the European group.

The most successful riders in North Bohemia was Anderson with two wins and the undisputed championship leader, Hungarian Norbert Kiss.

The European Championship continues with the sixth part in a week in the Belgian city of Zolder.

European Tractor Championships in Most:

First flight: 1. Kiss (Germany / MAN) 22: 40.797, 2. J. Hahn (Germany / IVECO) -3.893, 3. Linz (Germany / MAN) -4.322, 4. laco (CZ/Pogera) -13341.

second round: 1. Anderson (GB/MAN) 22: 48.686. 2. Lacko -0.101, 3. L. Hahn (German / Iveco) -0.724.

Third ride: 1. Kiss 22: 34.829, 2. Linz -5.518, 3. c. Han -7.477, … laco -10.222.

Fourth drive: 1. Anderson 22: 51.806, 2. Lako -4.970, 3. El Han -7.239.

European Championship standings: 1. Kiss 257, 2. c. Hahn 197, 3. Linz 184, 4. Lako 158.


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