According to Lebavsky, the deputy “strongly objected to the infamous and false Russian accusations against the Czech Republic” in the UN Security Council. “If Russia wants to talk about state-sponsored terrorism, let it be swept at its doorstep,” the minister said.

Nubinzga Sernoshova was accused over her statement after the Saturday assassination, in which Daria Duginova, the daughter of Russian nationalist theorist Alexander Dugin, died. The defense minister responded on Twitter on Saturday by saying she felt sorry not for the bereaved daughter or father, but for the thousands of people “who were killed because of their vile propaganda and ideology”.

“Even leaving aside morality, which has long been replaced by russophobia among our Western colleagues, Trnukova’s statements are essentially frank support and celebration of a terrorist attack against our compatriot,” Nebenzja said on Tuesday at the United Nations Security Council. Meeting on the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, occupied by Russian troops.

fundamental difference

Černochová dismissed the ambassador’s accusations to ČTK on Tuesday, saying there was a fundamental difference between “celebrating a terrorist attack” and expressing “regret over the death of a fascist propagandist” who publicly called for the immediate annihilation of Ukrainians.

Defense Minister Jana Ernochová (pictured on June 22, 2022).

The Russian ambassador told Černochová that you agree with terrorism. refuse

“Our government considers the statements of representatives of the Russian Federation to the speech of Defense Minister Jana Sernoshova completely unacceptable,” Fiala said at a press conference today. He pointed out that in his first reaction he described it with extreme irony. “These statements come from representatives of a country that commits war crimes and is brutally advancing in its aggressive war against Ukraine,” he said.