Lived by her betrothal in him, her last breath is here. Take a look at the beloved Alžběty castle | Currently

Balmoral Castle in Scotland was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite places. I used the mansion with huge plots of land and many other properties to relax and stay in nature. From July to October she spent most of her time there, rarely receiving official visits. Thanks to them, today we can at least imagine what the castle looked like from the inside.

Queen Elizabeth II. She loved hunting, horses and dogs, which is why the wild nature around Balmoral Castle became a place where she loved to escape from her duties. Prince Philip introduced her here, and she spent her last days here too. Ondřej Kubáček, who worked at Buckingham Palace and personally met the former king, said in an interview with Aktuálně.cz: “The residents there considered her their neighbour, and Queen Elizabeth II repeatedly declared that she was the happiest there.” .

Although the Queen and her family were often photographed hunting and on their regular outings in the surrounding countryside, the interior of the cottage remains virtually unknown to the public. Through interviews and some photographs, it is known that the castle has retained much decoration since the time of the original owner, Queen Victoria. The rooms are decorated with carpets, checkered curtains, pine wood and wallpaper in the hallway. Queen Elizabeth II. But she had a weakness for practicality and home ambiance. A corgi was sitting on the sofa, a stove was placed in front of the fireplace, and the dog beds were lined up in a row in front of a sideboard.

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