Millions of crowns are in people’s obsolete savings. State confiscation day approaching |

So-called II. Pillar of pension savings he ended six years ago. But people have yet to collect more than 5.5 million crowns. This is in the accounts of the Financial Services Authority of the Czech Republic. She repeatedly urges us to request payment as soon as possible so as not to forget the money. At the end of next year, these funds will be transferred to the state budget without compensation.

“As of the end of August, there are 1,113 Pension Savings Participants registered who have not yet applied for funds.

He said there are still many people who are not collecting money. As well as the amount remaining in the account. “And this is despite the fact that the participants were informed by both pension companies and financial authorities about the possibility of paying this overpayment,” Ronovsky said.

Last year, only 183 people applied for money and collected almost 3 million crowns.

As Lonovsky points out, II. Pension savings columns are paid only on the basis of an overpayment refund application submitted to the tax office of the place of residence.

“The tax administrator will return the overpayment to the taxpayer within 30 days of submitting the application. Information on the existence of the overpayment will be provided by the local tax authority. , people can use web application‘ adds Ronovsky.

Funding from II. Pillars of pension savings will be paid out by the end of 2023 at the latest, after which, according to law, the financial administration will transfer them to the state budget without compensation.

The second pillar of pension savings was completed in 2016 and in early 2017 participants’ accrued funds were transferred to financial management by the pension company. The second pillar was not very popular in the Czech Republic and was the subject of criticism – money could not be withdrawn prematurely or terminated, thus saving less than 85,000 people of interest.


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