More people buy Apple cars than Tesla. At the same time it doesn’t even exist yet .cz

It’s been speculated for years that the tech giant Apple will start producing cars in addition to phones, tablets and laptops. But the company’s management has been unable to confirm the development for a long time, so a potential launch isn’t in sight, yet more than a quarter of his American drivers have cars from Apple, more than Tesla. I am considering purchasing a This was revealed in a study by Strategic Vision.

The president of consulting firm Strategic Vision commented: Alexander is New car experience survey, which the company does annually among American owners, is included for the first time. Additionally, it’s not clear if the tech giant will eventually decide to develop its own car.

Still, more people today would consider buying one than a Ford or Tesla. By the way, up to half of current American owners of Tesla cars are considering buying an “Apple car.” The nibbled apples mentioned he only had to bow to two Japanese brands. 38% of his respondents would definitely consider Toyota and 32% Honda. With around 200,000 new car owners taking part in the survey each year, it’s not a group that can be completely ignored.

But as Alexander Edwards added, the appeal of Apple cars to customers goes beyond just considering a purchase. Up to 24% of respondents gave the highest possible score to the brand quality impression question. All this despite the fact that no one knows what the future car of Apple will look like, what its parameters will be, and even how it will actually drive. On the other hand, up to 34% of those surveyed are aware of these uncertainties, yet their popularity is surprising.

This may be partially explained by Apple’s preference as a company that manufactures smart electronics. The company’s phones are regularly at the forefront of sales hotspots, and the same is true for laptops and smartwatches. Edwards acknowledges: “Obviously, what Apple stands for in terms of design, performance, product, and other key areas will determine the level of interest among new car buyers. We give you a platform to consider.” Claims.

Christopher Chaney, vice president of Strategic Vision, warns that if traditional car companies aren’t prepared for Apple’s entry today, it might surprise them in the same way that Tesla’s entry does. At the same time, traditional brands have long searched for the right answer to electric vehicles, and Elon Musk’s car company has rapidly grown from obscurity to one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Nevertheless, Apple needs constant reminders that it doesn’t have a real car yet. Bloomberg agency Apple has said it should launch a fully self-driving electric car in 2025, but at the same time, despite the promise of fully self-driving cars by many companies, the planned launch date has been delayed. It reminds me of the fact that I didn’t make it in time. At the same time, as the name Autopilot suggests, no car available today, not even Tesla, is fully self-driving.

It may be the closest to self-driving. mercedes, or Honda. Both brands have technology that handles 3 out of 5 possible levels. This means that under certain conditions, their car can drive independently without driver intervention, but the driver is always ready to take back control whenever the system prompts him to do so. It must be done.


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