Most of the loot from the Green Vault in Dresden was found by the Berlin police



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More than three years after the break-in at Dresden’s baroque Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) jewelry store, investigators have secured most of the loot in Berlin. On Saturday night they secured 31 copies of his booty in the German capital, the police and public prosecutor’s office said, according to his DPA agency. The seized debris was taken to Dresden, accompanied by a special police unit.

Objects found in large Saxon cities are first examined by criminal investigators and then by specialists in Saxon art collections. We need to verify that each item is genuine and complete. According to previous guarantees, some exhibits are probably perfectly preserved. For example, the Polish White Eagle head ornament and chest star with diamonds. However, many questions remain open, according to the media. For example, authorities did not specify the location of the find, nor did they provide details about the condition of the jewelry.

Investigators said an interview with a lawyer believed to be the perpetrator took place prior to the discovery of the valuables. Since the beginning of the year, the trial of six of his accused of serious organized theft, arson, and particularly serious arson, is taking place in Dresden.

The defendants’ attorneys and the public prosecutor’s office have also discussed possible restitution of stolen property before the court, police and prosecutors said. Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Jürgen Schmidt added that “everything else is currently reserved for the main trial in the district court in Dresden.”

Criminals broke into the Dresden Residenz Castle on November 25, 2019. The robber broke the display case with an ax and stole the 17th century and his 18th century jewelry. They stole his 4,300 diamonds and 21 jewels, including brilliants, worth more than €113 million (2.75 billion crowns), and during the robbery he caused more than €1 million in property damage. also caused

Investigators believe members of the famous Berlin clan are behind the break-in. The defendant comes from a large Arab family but is a German citizen.

Marion Ackermann, head of Dresden’s art collection, expressed relief that the exhibit had been found and thanked the investigators. She herself, for the past three years, is said to have “deeply believed” that stolen jewels would reappear. According to her, there was no indication that they had already appeared anywhere or sold, but those who receive such great news on the 4th Sunday of Advent will be treated to a “Christmas miracle.” I believe, she says Ackermann. According to her, the news spread like an avalanche through the streets of Dresden.

“Saxony says: Thank you,” Saxony’s Chancellor Michael Kretschmer told the police and the judiciary. According to Saxony’s Minister of Culture Barbara Klebsová, the success of the investigative authorities is that “even three years after this tragic robbery, it is worth keeping hope and following all the leads that emerge”. is shown.


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