NASA has once again canceled the planned launch of a new rocket to the moon due to technical problems

The rocket launch window was scheduled to open for two hours at 20:17 CEST. NASA previously said on its website that it was experiencing fuel leak issues.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Saturday canceled plans to launch an SLS rocket with an Orion module to the Moon. The space agency will notify about this on its website.

On the first attempt on Monday, Aug. 29, NASA canceled the launch after experts found a problem with one of the four SLS rocket engines. The latter did not cool down to the required minus 250 degrees Celsius, but instead increased by 5 degrees Celsius. To avoid making the same mistake, NASA was preparing a modified fueling process for today’s launch.

In this Artemis I test mission, an unmanned Orion orbits Earth’s satellites and returns to Earth. If successful, manned trips to the moon will follow. Current plans call for a crewed Orion module to orbit her moon in 2024, with two of her on its surface during the Artemis III mission.

The next attempt to launch an SLS rocket could take place on Monday.


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