Netflix started out as a quirky rental company that changed the way we watch movies. Now they are losing their audience |

It’s been 25 years since two friends, Reed Hastings and Mark Randolph, experimented with a new way to rent movies. Instead of rental shop videocassettes that had to be rewound to the beginning and customers were fined for late returns, they gambled on his DVDs, a new technology in Japan at the time. The disc was mailed to the customer with a return address envelope included.

An idea that started on August 29, 1997 netflix, found an audience. Two years after its inception, he had 239,000 subscribers to his service, and in 2001 he reached 1 million. Netflix has since gone public, and its share has climbed steadily until recently, Thurber notes. Yahoo Finance.

With internet connections getting faster, the service moved to the internet itself in 2007 and soon began offering its own content. Five years ago he had 100 million people paying for Netflix, and last year that number doubled. This service has been on the Czech market since 2016.

“Netflix in general has managed to build a kind of event appeal with wildly successful originals that certain segments of society are talking about. Don’t get left out in the corporate kitchen debate.” , you have to see them. It was mainly about Prague commercial kitchens, but now Netflix is ​​mainstream and even the parents of these people have them at home, ”said the online daily Aktuálně.cz explains Jan Škoda, film columnist for

As he mentions, even Czech audiences won’t be left out, thanks to the Czech subtitles and dubbing. “Hits like Ladies’ Gambit, Bridgerton, Look at the Earth! are exactly the same hits in this country as elsewhere,” he adds. This year, she also released the most expensive movie produced by streaming service The Gray Man. The film was mainly shot in the Czech Republic.

Streaming services have also changed radically film industry“Netflix and other platforms have largely accelerated the shift in viewing habits, which has meant a shift from the cinema to the living room. It made it possible for the most talented directors to work in the living room, ”explains Škoda.

“Platforms are increasingly relying on original, original content. We have flagships like House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Squid Game, some of which are presented more or less at once, so-called binge watching,” he adds. increase. The term refers to watching multiple episodes of a series or TV show in a row over an extended period of time.

Stock market problems and declining subscribers

But now there is talk of the problems the platform has encountered after a quarter-century of existence.

This year things are even worse. In April, he was the first time in over a decade that the number of Netflix users worldwide fell. 200,000 less than the expected increase. This year, Netflix has had its worst month in the US stock market since 2008, Yahoo Finance added.

This “pioneer” has been overtaken in subscriber totals by Disney, which, in addition to Disney+, also owns sports ESPN+ and Hulu. TimAccording to Reuters, 221.1 million people subscribed to Disney’s service as of early July, compared to 220.7 million for Netflix.

There may be many more reasons. For example, increasing competition, which in addition to Disney also includes HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, or his Voyo in the Czech Republic, and the rising cost of living for regular viewers associated with inflation. “My gas and electricity bills have gone up so much that I’m starting to dread turning on the TV,” said her 52-year-old Emma Heath, who lives in Northampton, England, explaining why she canceled the service. Explains to her Time. The UK is currently suffering from the highest inflation in 40 years.

The popularity of YouTube and TikTok services among young people may also play a role, according to the magazine. This year’s Deloitte survey revealed for the first time that the group that watches Netflix the most is He’s 24-44, not 18-24.

future of netflix

And what kind of future does Netflix have in store, at least officially? The company wants to crack down on login password sharing, which will allow about 100 million households to access the service for free. is estimated, reports a US broadcaster. NPR.

Netflix will also establish cooperation with the US company Microsoft, which will manage the company’s advertising space. That way, people willing to watch her Netflix with ads will pay less than those without ads. His CEO of the company, Reed Hastings, said: This version could work as early as next year.

“The golden age is over, but in my opinion, for everyone,” Skoda believes. ..everything is always available in one click, so there is no weight.This has been happening for a long time and now it’s phasing.It’s the .biggest and most profitable top gun of the year It’s no coincidence that ‘Maverick’ hasn’t been streamed three months after its theatrical release,” he said of the Tom Cruise film.

“Perhaps he wants to reduce this mindless overproduction so that we can enjoy movies again. “The cultural sector, compared to other sectors, is in crisis, an unprecedented amount of financial flows,” the spokesperson concludes.

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