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The moment Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday, her son automatically became king as Charles III, as the first heir to the throne. This was done under the rules in force since 1701. What awaits Britain after the Queen dies in the next few days?

Charles will address the nation on Friday. It is not yet clear when his coronation will take place. Elizabeth II. She was crowned Queen on the day of her father’s death on 6 February 1952, but she was not crowned until 2 June 1953.

For example, when a new king is born, the British national anthem changes. “God Save the King” is added instead of “God Save the Queen”. The British Post Office will issue new stamps with Charles’ face on them, and banknotes will also be changed. The country has been preparing for the Queen’s departure for years, and Buckingham Palace has developed detailed plans for the ensuing event called Operation London Bridge.

There was once speculation that Prince Charles, due to his advanced age (73), would hand over the throne to his eldest son, William. In any case, William, 40, became the first heir to the throne on Thursday.The second is his son Cambridge. Prince George, now 9 years old.

Within 24 hours after the queen’s death, a council called the Accession Council meets to formally approve the new monarch. It is made up of 670 politicians, members of the House of Commons, members of the House of Lords or his 670 including the highest clergyman of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The new king takes an oath and double signs the text.

The new king will receive his first audience with Prime Minister Liz Truss and ministers at 4:30 pm on Friday. The House and Senate are suspended for his 10 days. Charles III will also head to Scotland, then Northern Ireland and Wales on Sunday to symbolically ‘introduce’ to all parts of Britain.

On the fifth day after the Queen’s death, her coffin was paraded from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, where it will be on display for three days. The cathedral is open to the public for her 23 hours.

The funeral date will be announced by the family. It will be held in about 10 days. The ceremony will be held at Westminster Abbey, and at noon the whole country will observe his two-minute silence, and on the day of his funeral, all British banks and stock exchanges will be closed.

The Queen’s body will eventually rest in King George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Video: Queen Elizabeth II of England has died.

Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. | | Video: Jakub Zzanek, Reuters


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