New Meryl Streep. I had imposter syndrome, as Stranger Things says currently star

An emotional scene from Stranger Things season 4, in which the friends save Max thanks to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” | Video: Netflix

Saved by friends

Today, the twenty-year-old red-haired actress, who participated in the fourth series of the year Weird things She plays girl Max again and has 25 million followers on Instagram, and the AP just named her among the cultural stars of this year that is slowly ending.

“By only joining Stranger Things in the second series, I got an overview of everything from the very beginning. I liked that I came into the party as new, although in fact I also had the biggest imposter syndrome,” he says. It means the feeling when a person fears that he is not good enough and that those around him will present him as a fraud at any moment.

Of course, Sadie Sink is far from a fraud, the Associated Press writes. Her co-star Winona Ryder It’s a sign About “The New Meryl Streep”. Also in the Stranger Things storyline, the character Max plays an increasingly important role among a group of classmates trying to prevent supernatural monsters from penetrating this world.

In this year’s fourth series, her friends save her from an evil monster called Vecna ​​by playing a song in Max’s headphones. Run up this hill by singer Kate Bush. The hit is from 1985 thanks to the emotional sequence is back to the charts worldwide and eventually stood up One of the most streamed songs of the year on Spotify. “We can read it as an attempt by sympathetic loved ones to avert the suicide of a depressed girl in an unjust world,” explained Aktuálně.cz scenery.


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