Nguyen: The criticism did not affect me, on the contrary, it encouraged me. Fireworks did not explode | Currently

Nguyen: The criticism did not affect me, on the contrary, it encouraged me.  The fireworks didn't kick him out.  Image source: ČTK

Nguyen managed to keep the team ahead early in the match when AIK pressure increased and he got two big chances. Slovácko’s side certainly didn’t work in the first quarter of the hour, but it was Nguyen’s entry into the match that worked. Coach Martin Svodic praised the goalkeeper, “but he kept us all the time. He solved all the shots.”

At the same time, he criticized the goalkeeper twice in a row at the start of the season. After the matches with Fenerbahce and Ceske Budejovic, he said, “If we want to be successful, we need all players to perform above level. This applies even more to goalkeepers.”

He was already very satisfied with the performance of the charge against AIK. “I guess I don’t have to comment on that,” Svědík smiled, as he assessed goalkeeper Slovácko in the rematch of the Conference League qualifiers.

Talk to Nguyen about criticism in the meantime. The 29-year-old guard, who holds a Czech and Vietnamese passport, took the agreement seriously. “I know what he meant. It didn’t affect me, it just encouraged me to do more work. I think it’s been shown now,” he assessed after the rematch with AIK Nguyen.

In the first quarter of the hour, he had to make two emergency interventions. The goalkeeper admitted, “We felt a little nervous on our shoes, because we don’t play like this every day.”

“For me personally, the save when I hit my foot was important. It gave me confidence and I really believe we can do it,” he said, referring to the moment in the 10th minute when the ball fell into the hands of Al-Bahoui and it was over. at close range.

In the end, only one goal was scored in the match. In the 76th minute, Kalabisek slipped through the break and found substitute Sinjavský with a perfect pass, who sent the ball into goal.

During the match, Nguyen often encountered the numerous home kettle whistling. Especially in the first half, when he had the home ultras right behind him. “I tried not to let it go to my head,” he said with a smile. “Maybe the fans thought I was late, but Turkey was more aggressive. The experience from the Fenerbahce match helped us in that regard.”

Slovácko faced inconvenience even before the rematch. In addition to the delayed flight, preparations for the match were also disturbed by home fans, who set off fireworks at the hotel where Slovácko was staying at around 4 am.

“The fireworks were nice,” Nguyen joked. “It woke me up for about two seconds, some fell asleep completely,” added Danisek, coach Svodic also added. He grinned: “I commend the fans for the great vibe, but they didn’t have to wake us up. I think it’s part of local custom.”

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