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nokeepAuthor: Radan Dullis

The National Office of Cyber ​​and Informatics Security recorded a lower-than-average number of cyber incidents in August, but they increased compared to July. Half of the cases were classified as major accidents.

Since the school year begins in September, we have now focused on attacks against universities. They represent an attractive target from the point of view of electronic espionage, as they often carry out advanced research of a non-public nature, but also because of the potential for financial gain”, summarizes NÚKIB in August report (PDF).

Availability attacks keep happening, and it’s an ongoing trend. In two cases, a DDoS attack, on the other hand, ransomware was behind one of the reasons for the unavailability. Breakouts are also an ongoing trend, as their number has remained the same since June. After an outage of a month, a malicious code incident was recorded. Specifically, it was one of the ransomware known as Loki Locker. Likewise, a fraud incident was recorded after a month-long break. It was a Dutch-language phishing scam deployed almost certainly to collect credentials.”

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