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Surely it has also occurred to you that you have received slander from these pills that you do not want to believe your ears. She tries to fix it, but she’s already living her life.

I’m sure you know that too. At work, you trust a colleague that your dream is strange. A white crow flew out of your ear. And since it was a really strange dream, the female colleague will not keep it to herself and will tell her friend while having a drink that you dreamed that a flock of blue crows flew out of your ear. She doesn’t keep it to herself either, and when the dream comes back to you, you just can’t stop staring. A flock of red swallows flew out of your ears and … World, be amazed! People just love it. Exaggerate. Make-up. Building. And a white crow not so much. And this is how not only gossip is generated, but also whole conspiracy theories and other nonsense. But I’ll leave them aside for now, I’ve already dealt with them. But gossip, or lies about your person, if you prefer, can really get you down. And not only this. Even destroy life. I know a girl who doesn’t have ducats, but when she runs out of arguing, she waves her hand saying there’s a little truth in every joke, and there you have it. She only enjoys scandals, especially if she doesn’t mean it alone, right? As the Portuguese proverb says – multiply stupidity with imagination and you will get slandered.

What with this? How do you defend it? Well, you can judge for yourself. If you have enough money. But is it worth it to you? Certainly not in the case of that dream. In the case of fabricated lies, maybe yes. But I wouldn’t go for it anyway. One must rise above it. People who know you will make their own judgments, and those who want to believe it, then let them believe it … I will tell you that I am glad that I am not a famous person, because that is what people like to gossip about the most. I do not envy them. But I don’t envy people who spread different lies, rumors, and half-truths either. There will always be an intent behind it. And if not, then at least anger, frustration and dissatisfaction. And stay away from these people. It can infect you with a virus called intolerance. Note that for these individuals, lies and slanders are the fulfillment of an otherwise sad life. They collect it, look for it and thanks to the Internet they have more and more opportunities.

Olga Borini

Olga Borini

I like to look around. I observe people, their opinions, actions, themes, and moods. And believe me, at my “mature” age, I’ve already seen enough. in Articles I see the world and life through my eyes. That’s why it’s called “This is how I see it!” I don’t impose my opinions on anyone, I just want others to think of them. What a person, that’s a different view. But this is how it should be. Hans Christian Andersen said, “There are no fairy tales more beautiful than those written by life itself.” I have no choice but to agree.

Gossip and backbiting have been a normal part of human communication since ancient times. The person who turns away is isolated from the group. To go back to my dream about the white crow (I never had such a dream in reality, it was just an example), so you laugh at it. It does no harm to anyone and it works the human imagination. But if a person begins to slander when he wants to get rid of an uncomfortable colleague, then it is no longer funny. I had a colleague like this a long time ago. A friendly person on the outside but an evil and manipulative person on the inside. I knew how to whisper such nonsense to the boss and so masterfully manipulated him that he thought that instead of vitamin C, you would at least take a trance. Yes, yes, he trusted her with everything. I can take solace in the fact that although she has had an amazing professional career, her personal life has seriously failed. I think everyone saw it soon and didn’t like it. Today she is a lonely old and bitter woman.

Fight a predatory monster road to hell. Media communication experts say that if you are not given the opportunity to defend yourself with strong arguments, it is best not to respond at all. There was and will always be just chatter. I once saw a program on TV where they asked people why they believe all kinds of lies in fake magazines and why they read and buy them at all. The answers were interesting. Because it’s good to read that even famous people who have money, fame, and beauty and God knows what other problems they have, are often worse than ourselves. It heats up, doesn’t it? Oh yeah, how simple it is. And many people will continue to search for dubious information about how the world will be ruled by a secret sect, and how we will be fractured slaves in the future, as Nostradamus already predicted that … you know what, someone needs these slanders for their life. Simply to assure himself that he had thought so long ago. Wish more or less. And he is very happy that he has found an ally. He has no proof? Did not matter. It suffices to know that there is a little truth in every rumor.

And so to conclude the words of the immortal Albert Einstein: “An atom will sooner be broken than slander.”

What do you think?

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