Opava is like the Vikings. In Vlasim, they were not surprised when they opened the guest cabin | Currently

After the Conference League’s second preliminary round match, Viking Stavanger fans in Prague were surprised in Letná when they cleaned up the entire sector after themselves and handed out the trash piled in several plastic bags. A similar pleasant surprise was received by stadium officials in Flasheim, who hosted Opava as part of the Fortuna: National League weekend programme. Not only the fans, but also the football players themselves shone with the cleaning.

Flasim players are off to a sad start in the fall part of League Two. Back in May, they fought with Teplice for the right to start in the first competition, but after five games of the new season, they are at the bottom of the second league table with no points.

One of the few positive moments that the Central Club of Bohemia has been waiting for after the last duel so far, in which Obava has arrived. After the Sleizans headed home, Flasim officials found their cabin had been cleaned, with trash piled in two yellow and blue suitcases. What’s more, Opava fans behaved orderly.

“Basic values ​​are disappearing from society and we believe that sport, specifically football, is the best thing that can change society and the mood in it. Football should only be viewed by the public because of bribery, cheating, fighting, insults. And insults. Football must recognize core values ​​- so we have to To be able to thank and congratulate us and to clean ourselves up when someone hosts us, as well as sort out the trash,” explained the Seleci Club.

Opava has been involved in the #ProCistyFotbal project since the first round, cleaning not only in Vlassem, but also in Farnsdorf and Olomouc.

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