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An Indian architect’s dream of future cities. Its residents will live in curved skyscrapers surrounded by vegetation, but also in tall buildings built into tree trunks. The visualization of future buildings was created by artificial intelligence based on verbal instructions.

Architect Manas Bhatia of New Delhi sees the future of living in skyscrapers covered with trees, shrubs or moss. Due to the abundance of green spaces, undulating tall buildings should help purify the air. With the AI ​​x Future Cities project, as the name suggests, artificial intelligence has helped him. The station’s news website writes about it CNN.

Bhatia used Midjourney, a program that can create visualizations based on text commands. Enter phrases such as futuristic horoscopes, utopian technology, or coexistence. The artificial intelligence turned these keywords into a series of digital image materials that the architect further refined. According to him, the technology was able to create one visualization in twenty minutes.

In another project called Symbiotic Architecture, he designed futuristic buildings from living materials with the help of the Midjourney tool. The housing units are embedded directly into the hollow logs. According to Bhatia, he drew inspiration from the tallest tree in the world – the evergreen sequoia, which is about 116 meters tall and located in the Redwood National Park in California.

Try to create buildings that are naturally ventilated and therefore consume less energy. “If we can create buildings with an organic facade, then the temperature in their rooms can be regulated on their own. Ventilation will occur in the same way as natural processes in plants,” explained the architect of the Indian studio Ant.

Although one uninitiated critic might argue that the technology did most of the hard work for him, working with Midjourney isn’t as easy as it sounds, according to Bhatia. He had to revise some of the program entries hundreds of times. “It’s a method of trial and error,” Bhatia added. “Anyone can use AI, but not everyone can do well with it as a creative person.”

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