Pale Fire Capital: Owner of Aukra et al. She has a new and fifth partner in the company –

Jerry Bunter, Bali Fire CapitalAuthor: Bali Fire Capital

A prominent Czech investment group Bali Fire Capital, which controls, for example, Aukro or part of the Groupon stock, has a fifth partner in the company. Become financial manager Jerry Bunter. He has already built a solid position within ten months of working in the finance function. Formation of analytical and financial teams. Bunter is also a member of the supervisory board.

“Each member of the finance team also serves as the CFO of selected companies in the portfolio. However, this position also encompasses business in all its complexity, and the CFO often also acts as the CEO or partner of the CEO – primarily in larger companies, where the level of complexity is Top Next, the analytical team assists in the search for new investment opportunities within private equity, searches for new investment opportunities in the capital markets, and actively assists companies with identified problems,” summarizes Pale Fire Capital.

In the past, Pontr has led finance at Alza for more than seven years, building a staff of one hundred people. Join our existing partners Jan BartaAnd the Doosan SchenkebelAnd the David Holly And the Peter Krajicek.

Pale Fire Capital recently released last year’s figures. The fund has assets of 3.4 billion crowns and consolidated sales of 1.6 billion crowns at a loss of 2 million crowns.


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