Pardubice did not even last the international break and the coaches were expelled | Currently

Due to unsatisfactory results, the management of football players in Pardubice dismissed long-time coaches Jerry Kriji and Yaroslav Nowotny. The last team of the major competition will be led temporarily by the current head coach of the third team in League B, Pavel Nemec. East Bohemia reported in a press release. This is the first change in coaching for any team in the current league season.

Pardubice has lost four out of five rounds this season, including the last two with an overall score of 0:10. The week before last, they suffered the worst defeat in league history in Slavia 0:7, and on Saturday they lost to Mlada Boleslav 0:3 at home in the asylum in Golisic in Prague. The East Bohemians have the worst attack in the league with three goals scored and worst defense with 15 conceded.

“We have decided to dismiss the duo Craigie-Novotny due to the unsatisfactory results at the start of the league. I announced the change to the players on Monday before morning training, who are waiting for two important matches this week,” the club said. Athletic Director Fit Zavel.

The 57-year-old has been working in Pardubice since spring 2013 and since summer 2017 leading the team with Nowotny, who is six years older. Together in the 2019/20 season, they led the club, which was formed in 2008 by merging three teams, to a historic promotion among the elite.

“We thank both coaches, they have done a lot of work for the team, but we wanted to give the team new energy. Pavel Nomek will lead the team in the upcoming matches, and we will discuss intensively with the club management about the final filling of the tournament. The positions of coach and assistant in our first team,” said Zhavel.

The 40-year-old German will lead East Bohemia for the first time in a duel on Tuesday of the sixth round at the penultimate Zlin Arena, which, along with Jablonek, is the only team yet to win in the new league season. In the past, Němeček, for example, played with Hradec Králové, who played with his jersey in two matches in the first tournament.

“I want the team to look compact, especially towards the back. The performance has to show courage in the match and we have to be more assertive in the penalty area. I have an idea of ​​the squad, I am adjusting it with sporting director Martin Schegbal. We hope we are not affected by any injuries”, the German stated. .


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