Petr Pavel introduced his team of experts. Led by former CNB Governor Tůma |

Army General Petr Pavel has a team of experts advising him on the energy and economic crises of the presidential election. It is headed by Zdenek Tuma, former president of the Czech National Bank. The first meeting was held last week. Server reported this on Thursday. Pavel will launch his presidential campaign on September 6th and announce the program at that time.

In addition to Tůma, the team includes economist Vladimír Bezděk, sociologist Jan Hartl, vice-president of the Czech Republic Industrial and Transport Union Milena Jabůrková, chief economist at Deloitte David Marek, energy security expert Michal Mares, and energy innovation expert. Includes experts. Jakub Maščuch, vice-president of the Regional Education Association and social expert Lucy Polákova and his partner managing macroeconomic consulting firm OGResearch David Vávra.

“We have assembled a team of experts on the most pressing topics for society today: the economy, energy and social sectors. In the future, we will also add experts in education,” Pavel said. Told the server. The team will meet regularly during the campaign. If Pavel wins the election, he wants to continue working with Castle’s team.

Pavel has already announced that he will go to the elections as an independent, so he needs to collect 50,000 signatures from citizens. He justified his motives for participating in the Battle of Prague Castle by the fact that he wanted to help the Czech Republic in difficult times when it faced several crises and the consequences of the war in Ukraine. .

Another leading presidential candidate, Andrey Babis (ANO), hopes to announce his decision on whether to participate in the October 28 elections. The last day to submit his presidential candidate application is November 8th. To run for public office, he needs the signatures of 50,000 voters or the endorsement of 20 lawmakers or he 10 lawmakers.

The first round of presidential elections will take place on January 13 and 14 next year. According to the Median agency’s latest electoral model, ANO movement leader Babiš still has the most votes in the first round of the presidential election, but Pavel will beat him in the second. According to Median’s electoral model, in the first ballot, his Senator Marek Hilšer and the former rector of Mendel’s University Danuše Nerudová jointly took his third place behind Babiš and Pavle.

Pavel is the frontrunner in the current presidential election, followed by Babis and Nerudova, according to bookmakers.

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