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The first appearance in the novel by the author, who calls himself Marek Technik, is a contribution to the controversy over Czech “tendency”. This has to do with the idea that even if all religions are probably wrong, “there must be something” above us anyway. Whether the so-called “common sense”, another constant of Czech thought, can reveal this is one of the questions the book is looking for an answer to.

“A great text can intimidate you – that’s when you start comparing yourself to its author. Or, on the contrary, it can inspire you. It gives you enthusiasm because you can write this way, it shows the breadth of styles and themes. I relate more to foreign texts in the latter way”, he describes The origin of his first work warning An experienced literary critic now also embarking on a career as a writer under a stage name. It was released for the first time please.

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In the novel, he did not particularly look at his favorite Robert Musil or James Joyce; In the words of one of the characters, he evaluated them harshly. “I would consider it cliched to write about them as great authors,” he explains. “Given that the heroine, an intellectual shaped by reading ordered books, is currently going through a crisis, I thought it would be interesting to put such words in her mouth,” he adds.

Crisis is the main theme of Technic’s novel. The story of two widowed women, a mother and a daughter, tells of a time when the old world meets new technologies and reason and faith compete once again for public space – this time also the virtual space.

Technik warns that “too many foolish prophets today could easily gain a global audience,” and he has given space to the many religious maniacs on the site. According to his pseudonym, he also added a neatly compiled table with an overview of the sage apparitions.

“It’s a bit risky,” he comments on a somewhat complex topic and more disconnected from this pro theme. warning “On the other hand, the Czechs – as Tomas Halic says – are a ‘non-fundamentalist’ nation, so they might be interested in a book on different religions,” he believes.

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