Polda 2 returns, cop Pankrác gets “plastic” and a new story | Currently

The second part of the popular Polda video game series will see a new release after more than 20 years. Developers raise money on the Internet and want to improve graphics and animation.

“Our goal, of course, is to raise funds to completely remake the Polda 2 in a modern graphic appearance,” explains producer and programmer Petr Svoboda. “Every single wallpaper should be redesigned and basically all animations redesigned,” he adds, adding that they need to raise at least 600,000 crowns. That’s why they fired Campaign on HitHitat the time of publication of the article they were already behind on half of the requested funds.

The story and dubbing of Polda 2 remain the same, and the characters have been voiced by such famous actors as Luděk Sobota, Petr Nárožný, Jiří Lábus, Vlastimil Bedrna or Valérie Zawadská.

If the creators collect 750k, they will add a new story to the game. “It will basically be a short adventure game with a size of five to seven backgrounds. The events of this intermezzo will pick up right from where the original Polda 2 left off, i.e. in the balloon leaving Barbieland, and will end exactly where Polda 3 begins, i.e. in the office of Private Detective Pankrac , they explain.

Programmer and producer Petr Svoboda, who also led the development of the final installment, Part VII, is behind the upcoming Remaster. It was released in April of this year.

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