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The President, Prime Minister and Senate Speaker visited selected elementary schools on Thursday to mark the start of the new school year. They wanted first graders to enjoy learning, reminded them of Jan Amos Komensky’s words that learning should be a game, and appreciated the contribution of small schools. His three highest-ranking constitutional officials visited the primary schools of Karlovy He Ostrov in the Vari region, Lani and Urbanov in the Ifrau region.

On September 1st, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) started the new school year at Mayova Primary School in Ostrov, Karlovy Vary. He wanted first graders to enjoy learning and getting to know each other.In a city of 16,000, he had over 500 students, and about 50 children were in their first enrolled in the class.

First graders and their parents were welcomed by the Prime Minister along with school administrators in the gymnasium where first graders are usually welcomed. “Today is a big day for you and a big change in your life,” Prime Minister Fiala began his speech. Next, when I asked the students who are looking forward to school, most of them answered yes.

Fiala, who was invited to Ostrov by the island’s mayor and parliamentarians, said: “I hope that the school will help you learn, know, find new information and enjoy it. The school should lead to this.” Jan Bresch (ODS) .

“It was a long time ago when I went to school, so I was looking forward to being able to count, write, and read. When I went to school, my parents had a big library at home. I couldn’t read it because it was so bad.” The Prime Minister remembered your first grade. Fiala also mentioned his educational background. As a reminder of his first school day, he brought his students a book of fairy tales, “The Beetle” by Jan Calafiat.

President visits Lanny’s school

President Milos Zeman and his wife Ivana started the new school year at Rani. He reminded his students of the words of Jan Amos Komensky that school should be a game. During his speech in front of the school building, he also praised Ran’s tradition of having 9th graders being patrons of 1st graders. “I would be very happy if this practice spreads to other schools, because we are newbies and have to learn to protect younger and therefore weaker people,” he said. rice field. Some schools in Japan are already providing similar support.

Twenty-eight first graders were welcomed at the ceremony, and after the ninth graders were shown to their desks, Larne Mayor Karel Skrenichka delivered a short speech. According to him, the number of children in Rani is increasing, which is why the municipality is preparing an expansion project for next year. “The school needs him to get two new classrooms,” the mayor said.

Like mayor, Zeman was the last to welcome new students into his position. We welcomed freshmen to the bench.

Zeman pointed out to the first graders that school isn’t the only game. “And when you finish that game, there comes a new, slightly more complicated game called Life. And I wish you complete success in both the school game and the game of life,” the president added.

Zeman also recalled working with the mayor. “Once, we had a discussion about how the stream should flow out of Lansky Park,” the president recalled. He added that they eventually reached an agreement and the stream was restored. Told.

The president’s wife gave the first graders some sweets, hoping that they would enjoy school and find friends.

he pushed out and visited a small class

Three first-graders from a primary school in Urbanov, Ifrafsko, also started school on Wednesday. Senator Milos Vystrucir (ODS) also wishes them every success. He said that being able to receive an education in a small school was an advantage for them, with younger children having easy access to information intended for older children and older children easily learning material from previous years. emphasized that it can be repeated for

According to the principal, Hynk Vohoska, the Urbanovská school has 24 students and is one of the smallest schools near Telc. The village of 140 residents is housed in a building originally built as a school in 1874. Today the school building also houses the city hall and the partner post office. The school is attended mainly by local children and children from the surrounding villages (Olzhekhov, Neftchele, Panenska Rozshchika, Strana and Žatec).

It is also exceptionally chosen by parents of children whose experts recommend teaching in small groups. Urbanov’s school educates students from grades 1 to 5 and is divided into two classes. Three teachers and her one teaching her assistant take care of the children.

A two-class school does not need to apply for a student enrollment waiver as the current enrollment is minimal. At least 12 of her students are required in one class. According to Jan Zajimar, the mayor of the municipality where the school is established, the school has already had to use exceptions several times, so we are happy that the village school is running well.

The municipality paid about 140,000 crowns a year for heating and energy in the school buildings. The price is fixed until the end of the year. The mayor is unable to estimate next year’s costs. Some of the wiring inside the building is still aluminum.

According to the mayor, the village manages 2 million crowns a year, and the operating costs of the entire school are about 320,000 crowns a year.

According to information from the regional office, about 3,500 children attend small-group schools, 120 of them in Vysocin. All primary schools in Vysochina have about 45,700 children.

This year, 5,650 first graders started school in the region, and about 4,800 students entered their first year of secondary school. Schools in the region also accepted 1,386 Ukrainian children during the previous year, and her 315 Ukrainian first graders were enrolled this year. The actual number of Ukrainian children attending schools in Vysochyna will only be revealed in the coming days.

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