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A strong storm and rain hit Prague in the evening. Firefighters were dispatched not only to the fallen trees, but also to the flooded roads and buildings. Trees fell over trams on Otakarova Street on Prague 4 and Jezyna Street on Prague 2. The underpass of Prague Vrsovice railway station was also flooded. According to meteorologist data, the Botici River in Nsri reached a second stage of flooding at 6pm.

“In Prague, by 6:20 p.m., we have intervened or are still intervening in 20 incidents related to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Most incidents at this time are uprooted or fallen trees, mostly in the wider center,” the fire department said on Twitter.

A fallen tree on Ječná Street restricted traffic near IP Pavlova Square, affecting tram lines 6, 10, 16, 22 and 23. These lines were diverted from IP Pavlova Station via stops towards Karlovo His Naaměsti. Bruselská, Otakarova, Divadlo na Fidlovačce, Albertov, Karlovo náměstí. Trams between Troiska and Nadrazy Holesovice stations were flooded and line 17 was stopped.

In Vrsovice, water flooded the underpass. “At Prague Vrsovice station, the underpass is flooded after a storm. For these reasons, passenger access to the platform is restricted,” České Drachy said on Twitter.

Říčka Botič rose to a second flood level at 6:00 pm, but began to drop again after 20 minutes.

Firefighters went out not only in Prague

By 6pm on Friday, firefighters in the Czech Republic had received 165 calls due to heavy rain. The Czech fire and rescue service reported on Twitter that their highest numbers were in the Plzenjske, Ustek and Stsjedczyske regions. There was also a strong storm in Prague. Rain causes transport problems and some rivers are also at risk of flooding.

For example, firefighters are intervening on the flooded local railroad tracks from Rokikan to Nezvestica in southern Pilsen. Train services will be suspended for several hours. Other railroads also have problems. For example, in Jarov near Prague, stones fell on railroad tracks and roads, and partly on cars. A passerby released the woman from him, she was not injured.

Klabava in Rokycansk has reached the third stage, the highest flood stage, indicating a dangerous situation. This river always reacts the fastest to heavy rains of all the streams in the Pilsen area, but the water level usually drops quickly after rain. At 19:00, the Czech Republic still had two first stages. One was at Klabava, Rokycany and the other was at Holoubkovský Stream, Rokycany. Nsri’s Botic also rose briefly to his second level in the evening, but that level dropped rapidly.

Today, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s thunderstorm warning is in effect until 11pm for most of the Czech Republic, with the exception of Olomouc and parts of Moravia and Silesia. Across Bohemia, storms are expected to be very strong with total precipitation of up to 50 mm, or 50 liters per square meter. About 40mm of rain will fall in Moravia.

Strong storms will reappear in most parts of the Czech Republic on Saturday afternoon. The warning applies again from noon to 11:00 pm on Saturday for the whole country, except for the regions of Ousty, Karlovy He Vali and Pilsen. Meteorologists expect up to 40mm of rain and hail.

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