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Skoda is preparing a revolutionary design change. He refers to it as his Vision 7S study, a key feature that will be on the serial electric model coming in 2024. While the emphasis is on the practical side, the exterior concept adds an unprecedented amount of adventure, bravery and even ruggedness. The brand’s management believes this will appeal to customers who found the previous style too understated.

At the time of publishing this article, the Vision 7S concept is being premiered at the O2 Universum hall in Prague. This hints at the largest of the three electric Skoda models to be launched between 2024 and 2026, a seven-seat SUV one class larger than the current Kodiak and measuring five meters in length. Exceed.

The bodywork shows the main features of the future design concept of the Mladá Boleslav electric car called Modern Solid. As you can see from the photos, the new style maintains a minimalistic style that emphasizes functionality, but expresses it with elements that are completely different from the brand’s previous characteristics.

In fact, all that remains are the hood moldings and the outline of the radiator grille. However, it’s fake, and instead of a ribbed structure, it’s made of black glass called Tech Deck Face.

Two main trends explain the change from previous practice. The first is the difference between the electric drive and the placement of its components within the body. The second is an effort to reach more customers.

Marketing research shows that active people who love adventure and the great outdoors are an important group not represented by any of the Volkswagen Group brands. Skoda wants to offer them this environmentally inspired feeling in the same spirit as Volvo and Land Rover.

A surprising change for the Czech domestic audience. Skoda belongs to a dominant market, and its modest design makes it acceptable to a wide cross-section of the company.

However, things are different abroad. For example, in the UK before COVID-19, the brand had a market share of around 3%, in France 1.7% and in Italy 1.4%. Even current design philosophies don’t carry the same weight overseas as they do here, and a radical change could bring more than it loses.

The new style was prepared for management assignments by the same designer team signed under the much more conservative Enyaq. The Vision 7S shows off a number of visionary ideas, such as reverse-opening doors and pointed handles. Neither is used in production cars, and there are no independent bucket seats or a dashboard that goes deep under the windshield in relax mode.

Instead of the round logo, Skoda lettering actually adorns the front, rear and steering wheels. The hook above the Š is built into the letter itself to make it easier for foreigners to understand. Only winged arrows appear on the wheel and communication system screens.

Since the Vision 7S is based on the MEB platform, production models will have the same rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive basic layout as the Enyaq. The manufacturer promises a larger battery with a capacity of 89 kWh, a range of more than 600 km and a charge capacity of up to 200 kW.

The new design and logo will first appear on three electric vehicles slated for 2024-2026. First to arrive is a smaller urban model presented by sister concept Cupra UrbanRebel, followed by a midsize SUV the same size as the Karoq. , internally he is called Elroq.

Larger SUVs will follow, according to current Vision 7S research. The next Superb and Kodiaq are closer to the current style. Because you need a real mask because you have a radiator in your nose.

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