Repeat offender Tushla’s case didn’t last a week in court, so it ended up in the hands of the police.

Repeat offender, disinformation and pro-Russian activist Patrick Tuschle has been charged with making dangerous threats. He harassed doctors who publicly supported measures to contain the spread of the covid-19 disease. However, as Aktuálně.cz discovered, the court remanded the case back to the police. At the same time, criminal investigators postponed a case in which he was suspected of supporting Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Tushul is in custody on suspicion of another case.

Patrick Tuschl and his partner for covid denial, disinformation, and support for Vladimir Putin’s regime, Tomás Tschelmark, have been in custody since August 5. They were sent there by the courts for fear that they would continue their criminal activities. Earlier, police accused them of slandering the state and inciting hatred. Tushl and Sermak called for violence against Ukrainian refugees.

Already in custody, Tushur learned that he and his two companions were awaiting trial in another case. It is the persecution of Milan Kubek, the head of the infirmary. Kubek defended measures against the spread of covid and supported vaccination. On August 19, Marcela Adamkova, chief public prosecutor for the 8th district of Prague, said: “Three people have been charged with dangerous threats and disorderly conduct in the criminal case.

Tushl and two other perpetrators have been indicted for just six days. As discovered by Aktuálně.cz, the Prague 8 District Court in a closed hearing decided to remand the case for further investigation. Court spokesman Petr Novak told Aktuálně.cz: “We can confirm that the decision was issued on August 25. However, it has not yet been delivered to the authorized person, so at this time this is not possible. I can’t confirm any of that,” he said.

“The audience will see how arrogant you are”

It is not yet clear why the court made this decision. It goes without saying what actions the detective must take under the supervision of the prosecutor. What is certain is that the indictment, as it stands, is not fit to be heard in court. Together with Tuschle, the aforementioned Tomas Czermark and Pavel Zitko tracked down the doctor. Authorities have not confirmed whether they are also accused in the incident.

In addition to Kubek, Tuschl, Zitek and Chermak, the biologist Jaroslav Flegl and the immunologist Vaclav Hoschesi also harassed them. They also supported restrictions on the spread of covid. Tuxur and his friends during the shoot, as a call at Phlegra and Hořejší dwellings. They were the only ones who caught Quebec whom they insulted. Tushul added a request to the video for people to send him money for his other activities.

“Mr. Kubka, can you answer? The audience will understand how arrogant you are,” Tuschl told the head of the infirmary in a video last November. Chermak verbally attacked Kubuko. “Mr. Qubek, you’re an asshole who can’t answer questions, aren’t you? You’re a pitcher, at least be honest. Silence means consent.”

In January of this year, police indicted Tushl and two others. She said their pressure on Kubuko led to restrictions on his normal lifestyle. After the court’s recent decision, criminal investigators will have to deal with this case again so they can stand up in court.

Allegations of aiding Russian aggression dismissed

According to findings from Aktuálně.cz, development occurred in another case of Tušl figures. Two days after he launched Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he appeared in front of the Russian embassy in Prague with a small demonstration to show his support for Vladimir Putin’s government. Along with Tuschl, another leaker and one of his most prominent pro-Russian activists, Isi Chernohorsky, told attendees.

The two named were arrested on the spot by police. Chernohorsky defended himself by not acknowledging the Russian aggression. “The remarks you made here show that,” but the police officer who took him to Anton objected. An investigation into Tuxur has been launched.

The Prague police dealt with the suspicion and Chernohorsky was dealt with by the National Organized Crime Headquarters. The clarification of this case was supervised by the Prague 6 District Public Prosecutor’s Office. Their conclusions are final.

“In connection with the two people in this case, the police authorities issued a resolution to postpone the case. The supervising prosecutor accepted the decision of the police authorities,” said Aleš Cimbala, spokesman for the Prague public prosecutor in Aktuálně. Confirmed with cz. Chief Prosecutor Igor Studzhish has warned against public recognition of the Russian aggression as a possible crime.

Five-time convicted repeat offender

Izzy Chernohorsky is Russian propaganda mediapublicly stood up Nightwolves, a Russian gangster Boasted a mutually positive relationship with representatives of the Russian Embassy in Prague. He is also a supporter of President Milos Zeman, appearing on the presidential campaign staff after the 2018 elections. Later he was also invited to Prague Castle.

In 2017, he organized his association Honor, Liberty and Respect on the national holiday of October 28 at the headquarters of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Center in Prague. First Russian-Czech Festival of Slavic Mutual RelationsThe center was part of the Russian Embassy and was managed by diplomat Andrei Konchakov. In fact, he was a member of Russia’s FSB counterintelligence. Czech government expelled in June 2020.

As Aktuálně.cz previously pointed out, Patrik Tušl is a five-time convicted repeat offender. From 2013 to 2020, courts have punished him for theft, trespassing, credit fraud, or dangerous threats. He wrote to her ex-girlfriend, the mother of her child, that he would brutally kill her.Tushul is on a disability pension due to his long-term deteriorating mental state.

Along with Tomas Czermark, he was arrested for a video he shot against Ukrainians. They organized a demonstration in central Prague on August 24 to support the occupied country. Tuschl and Chelmak wanted to disrupt it and encouraged others to do so as well. “Tell me who’s going to do it! Who’s going to make a proper counterattack,” Chermak shouted in the video. They filed a complaint against their detention.

Video of disinformation campaigners Patrick Tuschl and Tomás Tschelmark. Attacked Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. | | Video: Aktuálně.cz/Facebook/Tomáš Čermák


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