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Mozilla Corporation Research In response to the repeal of the legislative precedent in Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed American women the right to a federal abortion. Because of the developments in the country, a number of women began to worry about the dates on the menstrual calendar.

Experts have verified the safety of twenty-five apps to record the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. According to them, the results are worrying, he said Watchman. “Most of them collect large amounts of personal information and then share it with third parties,” said Ashley Boyd of the nonprofit Mozilla.

According to the study results, only seven out of twenty-five apps handle data securely. Most of the information is shared with companies that specialize in collecting personal data or with advertisers. The team also found that eight apps did not meet basic security standards and were allowed to be used with very weak passwords.

At the same time, applications often record not only data about the course of the menstrual cycle itself, but also about whether the user has had unprotected or unprotected sex, whether she uses contraceptives, what her mood is, and how badly she bleeds.

Mozilla experts recommended using only the Euki app, as well as the Natural Cycles app, with some reservations. On the other hand, large reserves of my calendar apps, menstrual cycle, fertility, ovulation and pregnancy or conception have been recorded.

Abortion and trial

They fear that the data collected could be misused by the police to prosecute women who are about to have an abortion or who have had an abortion. So far, there is no evidence of misuse of data from menstrual cycle apps in this way. However, in mid-August, the media reported on the trial case of a 17-year-old girl from Nebraska and her mother, who allegedly advised her how to take abortion pills. The main clue is the messages sent via Facebook.

Over 100 million people around the world use menstrual apps. In this context, the research authors point out that caring for their safety is more important than ever.

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