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The ten-episode series, called House of the Dragon, deals with the events leading up to Game of Thrones. It is adapted from the book “Fire and Blood” by American writer George R.R. Martin and is once again shocked by the violence and sexual scenes. Please note that the article may contain spoilers.

The first episode of the new series Year of the Dragon, which airs every Monday on HBO Max, sparked controversy when it depicted the dramatic birth of the king’s wife, in which she and her child died after the emperor’s death. Creative viewers then criticized that the scene was unnecessarily detailed and came without warning.

“We felt it was an interesting way to show the fact that childbirth was violent for a woman in the Middle Ages,” co-author Miguel Saposhnik told The Hollywood Reporter.

dragon clan

dragon clan

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The story of the House of Dragon takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of the mythical kingdom of West-earth nearly two hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones, the famous feud between many noble houses, especially the Starks and Lannisters, who came to power after the death of the last ruler of the House of Targaryen . However, most of the famous names recede into the background here. The new series focuses almost exclusively on House Targaryen and the events that led to a civil war between its members vying for the Iron Throne.

Medieval historians say the scenes of sexual violence and childbirth are to some extent real CNN website. Eleanor Ganega, a medieval historian who teaches at the London School of Economics, criticizes: “However, the pursuit of accuracy suddenly disappears when they are given space for interesting everyday trifles.” “If the world of Game of Thrones is historically accurate, why isn’t every noble house or castle covered in flashy colorful murals? Why isn’t this form of historical accuracy important, but showing things like rape is important?” Asked.

Other historians point out that despite the shock of the cesarean death, such a massacre was not as widespread as the scriptwriters might have made it seem.

“They protected mothers from harm,” Sarah McDougall, an expert on medieval history, told Slate. It appears from contemporary texts that similar extreme measures were usually performed on women who had already died–not as in Dragonborn on a fully awake woman who had no idea what would happen to her.

The original Game of Thrones series has faced criticism for its endless cycle of rape, abuse, sexual humiliation, cruelty, and of course, failed delivery. George R. R. Martin, author of the cult series A Song of Ice and Fire that gave birth to Game of Thrones and Dragonborn, has long claimed to have gone down in history in his stories. For example, the rivalry between the Starks and the Lannisters has a precedent in the Wars of the Roses. Even the blood red wedding was inspired by an event in medieval Scottish history known as the Black Supper.

Historian Ganega points out that although the Middle Ages were certainly not very kind to women or to anyone else who was not rich, powerful, and man, the suffering was not the farcical suffering we are used to seeing on the cinema screen. Women were a very important part of the economy at the time, appearing mainly in all aspects of medieval work such as blacksmiths, workshop managers, brewing beer, running baths, or being part of business delegations addressing the court.

House of the Dragon is the first in a series of pre-shows in which HBO wants to follow the global success of Game of Thrones, which has been critically acclaimed by viewers and critics. According to TorrentFreak, Game of Thrones was the most pirated series in history from 2012 to 2019. The final episode, which elicited very mixed reactions, was watched by 19.3 million viewers in the United States during its premiere, a record for the entire series. Game of Thrones is also the highest-grossing series of all time, winning 59 TV Emmy Awards and more.

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Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon will premiere on HBO Max next year. | Video: HBO


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