Russia made a fatal mistake. He could lose Kherson after the attack, said reporter Novak.

Ukrainian forces are on the offensive, attacking retreating Russian forces in the south near Kherson and in the north of the country around Kharkov. Is it a turning point in a war that lasts more than half a year? And how will Vladimir Putin react?A reader’s question was answered by his Aktuálně.cz reporter Martin Novak, who returned from southern Ukraine, mentioning direct fighting between troops in Kyiv and Moscow. rice field.

In an online interview with a reader, Martin Novak said Russian leaders made a fatal mistake in predicting that Kyiv would fall in a matter of days. Ukrainians are now conducting attacks in the south and north of the country. This shows that they have power and also weapons thanks to the West.

According to a reporter from Aktuálně.cz, in the event of a counterattack, Kyiv could succeed in regaining its pre-war 300,000 khersons. “But it will be very difficult. With his 20,000 Russians in Kherson and the surrounding area, they are fortified and still have sufficient weapons and ammunition,” Novak estimates. did.

The journalist also described the atmosphere of optimism prevailing there after returning from southern Ukraine. The fact that it repelled from Kyiv and remained an independent state is a great success for Ukraine,” he explained.


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