Same-day delivery services are growing rapidly in the Czech Republic –

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In the Czech Republic, services that offer same-day delivery are growing rapidly, that is, a service in which you order something and the seller delivers it to you on the same day. It is about the fierce competition in the field of delivery, and whoever delivers the order on the same day will succeed now.

“The main added value of this service is speed, i.e. super fast delivery within thirty minutes. It is actually a customer experience, because even if the customer does not have our app installed, we send an SMS with a live tracking code where he can contact support, And knowing exactly where the postman is, if he has loaded the goods, if he is already on his way to him and how long it will take to deliver the ordered goods,” says her manager of the new Wolt Drive Joseph Dvorak.

Wolt is a local company that offers same day delivery. Another example is DoDo. Talk to representatives of both companies about the new direction New Podcast for Podnikatel.czخادم Server Editor in Chief Michael Hovorka.


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