She had other ideas about life. 70 years ago, an unprepared princess became a queen | a woman. cz

memory of the day that Queen Elizabeth II It changed his life, the Queen recalls in solitude—usually spending February 6 at her private home at Sandringham in Norfolk, meditating and remembering.

The ascension to the throne caught the twenty-five-year-old princess unprepared. She worked with her husband, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on behalf of King George VI. A tour of selected Commonwealth countries, one stop was Kenya, where Elizabeth spent the night she became queen observing wild animals from the Treetops Observatory in the treetops. That is why it is still said that in I climbed the tree like a princess And she descended like a queen.

To celebrate this year’s 70th anniversary of the fateful day, the British Queen will be living alone. Although the global pandemic in the past two years has changed the habits of the aging queen, Elizabeth II flew away. By helicopter from Windsor Castle to Sandringham, where she is expected to stay for the next few weeks. But what does the fateful sixth of February mean to Elizabeth?

It is no secret that in traditional monarchies the death of the previous regime is inextricably linked with the accession of a new king. Usually, though not always, a son or daughter inherits the crown from one parent. In royal families who live a harmonious life, the most important day in the life of the king is marked by a sad event. This was also the case with Elizabeth II, who lost her beloved father George VI on the day she took the throne. But she also lost a lot.


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