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Operators of Shoptet’s online stores and checkout system were affected by the half-hour outage in the morning. The Shoptet homepage also reported the error. On social networks, owners of individual online stores complained about the lack of services. Yesterday, the platform announced new functionality to mark its 13th year of existence.

Shoptet has had an outage in its online stores

Shoptet has had an outage in its online stores

Author: Martin Dertina

Shoptet admitted the power outages. It lasted from 08:39 to 09:09 hours. “The outage was related to database optimization, which was carried out in two steps – the first that was posted yesterday sped up the response. Unfortunately, today, which was supposed to have the same result, instead caused a huge burden, resulting in Not having it,” Luba wrote Teresa Soltisovawhich represents Shoptet in the media.


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