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Plzen also won the sixth match of the new season and the fifth with one goal. She won 3:2 in Olomouc. They beat Zbrojovka Brno Zlín by the same score and jumped to fourth in the table by points behind Sparta and Hradec Králové

The Indomitable League of Pilsen continues

After Wednesday’s 1:5 defeat in Barcelona at the start of the Champions League group, Pilsen won 3:2 in Olomouc today. Two goals were scored by home team Mugmir Shettel and guest Tomasz Churro, who celebrated his 150th Premier League game in style against his former team. Milan Havel decided the attractive penalty kicks in the 68th minute.

The defending champions from West Bohemia lead the patchy table with a three-point lead over Slavia, who will take on Ceske Budejovic on Sunday. Additionally, Victoria has a postponed home match with Brno. Pilsen won the league for the sixth consecutive time and improved the club’s undefeated record to 29 duels in the First Division. She will receive Victoria Slavia in the next round. Olomouc did not win at home in the league for the fifth time in a row, which is the twelfth.

“The match was great. We count on not conceding. Today we scored two goals, but if you score more than the opponent, you are satisfied,” Bielsen coach Michal Bielek told the press conference. “I am disappointed by the very basic decisions of the referees which affect the course of the match,” Olomouc coach Vaclav Celik said.

The visitors made three changes to the starting lineup compared to Wednesday’s match at Camp Nou in Barcelona. Defenders Holik and Tijani and midfielder Jirka had a chance from the start today. “I already said before the season that we have the European Cups and the League at the same level. If we want to play in the cups next year, we have to collect points. I didn’t think of any more changes at all, there were only three and it worked,” Bielik said.

Pilsen opened the scoring from his first big chance in the 10th minute. After a pause in the penalty area, Havel presented the ball to Chori, who easily hit the open goal. The student from Olomouc apologized to the home fans with a nod.

Hanáci answered in three minutes. A frozen and unsuccessful shot was picked up by teammate Chytil in the penalty area and he hit Staňko with a precise attempt to the back post. goalkeeper Pilsen collected three clean sheets and 329 minutes in the league.

Then Churro could return the lead to the favorite, but Treville fired his shot. A moment later, the Sigma goalkeeper also dealt with Havel’s attempt. In the 34th minute, Victoria was again in the lead. Referee Radin, after the intervention of the video referee and reviewing the situation on the screen, revealed that Pokorni removed Chori’s shirt in the penalty area and did not hesitate to take the penalty kick.

The 27-year-old striker improved his tally to three goals in the Premier League season, thus catching up with the team’s top scorer, Mosquera. The patient scored two goals in one game for the first time in his league career. “I took a hard kick and then knew the penalty was for a draw,” Churu said.

The Han people were very upset. Celik was furious: “Obviously it was overturned, and there was no small leak. Perhaps the border guards didn’t see it, but the fourth sees it and can’t report it.” “I haven’t seen him yet, but if we turn him over, he’s behind us. I think we handed one car over in a game and that just happened. It’s unfortunate, unfortunate. But the VAR (Video Referee) protocol doesn’t allow us to review the cars in the first half. In goal, that was it. As a clear hold on to the jersey,” Judge Radina told reporters.

Before the break, Olomouc unsuccessfully requested a penalty for Jirka’s hand. In the first half setting, Stanok neutralized a free kick from Spáčil. “Of course I saw the hand, I realized it was in the penalty area. I told the VAR guys it was for me a normal movement of the hand in relation to the movement of the body, and it wasn’t an insult against the rules as the hand game is now interpreted,” Radina said. That has been confirmed.”

The attacking match at Androva Stadium continued even after the teams changed hands. Shortly after the break, Choro could complete a trilogy, but after Vulkanova escaped, he finished short. In the 65th minute, Chetty equalized from close range after a perfect pass from substitute Matusek and improved to four goals in the league season. “A great pass from Matty, so the goal is 90 percent behind,” Chettel praised his teammate.

On the other side, Velkanova hit the post and missed the dashing Havel at close range. But the national team defender rejoiced in the 68th minute when he hit the ball into the net after several rebounds in the penalty area. Havel scored his second goal of the league season.

In the end, Hanáci created strong pressures in some places. Bernica cleared Rex’s shot to the post and prevented Chettel from completing Stanek’s hat-trick with another excellent block. In the 87th minute, the referee did not award Radina a penalty kick for a visitor’s mistake, an argument against Shettel.

“The fact that someone gets their hands on a player is not a crime in itself. He has to either catch him or push him. I didn’t see either. For me it wasn’t a penalty and I received the same assurance,” Radina said.

In the end, Victoria already maintained a close lead and did not lose to Olomouc in the 17th league game in a row. “The opponent put the ball on one sheet, and the balloons entered the penalty area. However, we resisted their pressure and I think we deserved to win with three points,” Bielik said. “We are back in the game, but unfortunately we made petty mistakes, which opponents like Pilsen punish mercilessly. Perhaps this win was well deserved for the opponent, but with great taste for me,” added Celik.

Zlin didn’t have time to equalise

Brno players also won 3: 2 in Zlin. Jakub Řezníček opened the scoring in the 19th minute, who increased the score with a penalty soon after the break. Then the home team player Jose Didiba scored an own goal. In the end, Jacob Janitzky and substitute Yuba Drama rectified the situation. The rookie from Brno won their third away game of the league season and climbed to fifth in the incomplete table. Zbrojovka also has a match advantage in Pilsen. Zlin has yet to score after four rounds and is 13th.

“Today we had one of our best performances, but it was our failure to convert chances as well as go into the second half that made the decision. The finish was under our control, but it wasn’t enough even if it was a single point,” Zlin coach Jan Jelinek said at the press conference.

The home team started with a slight attack and tried to get behind the compressed Brno defense with a quick set. They succeeded after several crosses and a Haroubi shot that ended just wide in the 11th minute.

From the very beginning, Alli was active in Zbrojovka’s attack on the left, but hit after working on the other side. And Znijic dealt with the center of the penalty area in the 19th minute, bypassing the goalkeeper and sending the ball into the open goal. The veteran striker scored a goal for the third time in the league season. “It was our first serious chance and a goal right away, which knocked out the home team,” said Cesnik.

Zlin could have shaken his net for the second time after Shevchik’s header, but then they created a lot of pressure. Within two minutes they managed to equalize with Zhao and Janitzky’s headers with a ground shot, and goalkeeper Berkowicz saved the guests with a reflexive echo. At the end of the half, Shevik’s shot was saved by Jawa. “We had three clear chances and didn’t give anything,” Jelinek said. “That was the deciding factor in the whole match.”

At the start of the second half, in the home team’s penalty area, Didiba Soca missed the moment goalkeeper Rakovan was about to counterattack after Brno’s action. Referee Hocek reviewed the situation from the video after the video referee intervened and ordered a penalty kick that was safely converted by ezníček in the 51st minute. “What Didiba showed was terrible. We will deal with him at the club,” said Jelinek.

Before Zlin could recover, he abdicated for the third time. After a break from the right side, Hladik sent a cross in the 59th minute, and Didiba hit the ball into his own net in front of Sivczyk.

“Shoemakers” did not give up the match even at 0:3 and did indeed flesh out the finish. In the 68th minute, Janitzky gave hope to the hosts after a dramatic cross, and in the 82nd minute, Dramy’s header reduced to one goal difference. “The boys fought and worked hard, and I have to commend them for that,” Jelinek said.

But in the final minutes, the visitors scored a valuable victory as well as Hrubý curled a free kick just past the goal. Zlin lost to Brno at home in the league after the previous five wins in a row.

Zbrojovka coach Richard Dostalek, who played briefly with Zlin, admitted: “I am very satisfied with the result today. It’s another game away from home with three points, and I have to thank and praise the players. But in the end it was nerves.” .

Eighth round of the first football league:

Trinity Zlin – Zbrojovka Brno 2:3 (0:1)

Goal: 68. Janitzky, 82. Dramatic – 19. And 51. Penalty kick. ezníček, 59. The king of Didiba. Referee: Hocek-imáček, Novák-Berka (video). ŽK: Didiba, Siln – ezníček, Granečný, Souček, Berkovec. Viewers: 3209.


Zlín: Rakovan – Reiter (86. Kovinič), Kolář, Procházka, Chanturišvili – Didiba – Fillo (61. Dramé), Hrubý, Janetzký (78. Hloušek), Vukadinovič (61. Silný) – Jawo. Coach: Jelinek.

Brno: Berkovec – Hrabina, Endl, Šural, Granečný – evčík (87. Hlavica), Souček – Hladík (90. + 5 Matejov), Falta (75. Texl), Alli (75. Přichystal) – ezníček (87. Fousek) . Coach: Dostalk.

Sigma Olomouc – Victoria Plzen 2:3 (1:2)

Goals: 13. and 65. catch – 10. and 34. from the penalty spot. Elle, 68. Havel. Referee: Radina – Kříž, Machač – Petřík (video). ŽK: Pokorny – Bernica, Kalvach, Tijani, Mosquera. Viewers: 4079.


Olomouc: Trefil – Chvátal (73. Poulolo), Pokorný, Beneš, Zmrzl – Breite (63. Greššák), Spáčil (63. Ventúra) – Navrátil (83.Šíp), Rsek, Vodháněl (46. Matoušek) – Chytil (46. Matoušek) – Coach: Celek.

Pilsen: Stanek – Hulik, Bernica, Tijani, Havel (74. Jemelka) – Bucha, Kalvash – Jirka (46. Mosquera), Velkanova (83. Hegda), Sikora (61. Bilali) – Choru (61. Bassi). Coach: Bellick.


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