Síkela suggests increasing support for households with high energy prices. He also wants industry bailout now.cz



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Jozef Síkela, Minister of Industry and Trade (STAN), will propose to the government an increase in support for households with energy prices this year. He mainly focuses on vulnerable customers and wants to accelerate the definition of these customers. He also plans to put forward proposals to the government to quickly set up state energy traders that could help buy energy for communities and hospitals, for example. He is also preparing support for industry.

Sikera wants to use the so-called temporary crisis framework as a state aid measure to support the economy after the Russian attack on Ukraine announced by the European Commission. This framework will enable government support for businesses impacted by things such as rising energy prices. According to him, now is the right time to ask for help, and he is working with the Federation of Industry and Transport in that regard.

According to Síkela, the industry is vulnerable to energy prices because energy savings and efficiency are underestimated. “The economy consumes twice as much energy as the European Union average per crown of GDP,” the minister said. According to him, Bulgaria alone is worsening across the Union.

The first vice-president of STAN Lukáš Vlček said the idea of ​​the movement is that this year the assistance to households will reach about 10,000 crowns. “If we’re talking about the funds reflected in this year’s state budget, it’s definitely going to have to go through some revisions,” he said.

Governments should get aid to as many addresses as possible, Síkela said, but current forms of cost-cutting tariffs are widespread. According to him, the number of low-income people is higher.

“We welcome the words spoken here by Minister of Industry and Trade Josef Sikela. We need to say here that without the help of the state, the public services of this country will be threatened,” Liberec governor Martin said on Wednesday. Puta said. Most municipalities are contracting for energy until the end of this year, he said.

For example, according to Governor Petra Pecková (STAN), the Central Bohemian Region will not purchase energy for the next year for its regions, regional organizations or regional hospitals. Last year she spent 295 million crowns on energy, next year she expects 550 million crowns, but has up to 800 million crowns ready. Pecková said she will pay 1.6 billion crowns when she offers to provide all the energy the region needs on August 9.

Síkela reiterated that he would promote a common European solution to energy prices. He mentioned an increase in the amount of traders for the establishment of guarantees or intervention funds. He also wants to find a way to decouple gas and electricity prices.

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