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Over the next five years, Škoda Auto will invest a further €5.6 billion (approximately crown 138 billion) in electromobility and €700 million (approximately crown 17.2 billion) in digitalization. Last year, the company said it wanted to invest €1.4 billion, or a quarter of the money, in electric vehicles within five years. By 2026 Skoda will launch three new all-electric models of his, with more to follow.

“Through the Vision 7S study, we will provide a tangible look at the completely new Škoda model, thereby expanding our product portfolio and customer base. In this way, we are significantly accelerating our electric attack.” says Klaus Zellmer. Chairman of the company’s board of directors.

Skoda plans to launch an electric car in the small car category, a compact electric SUV and a seven-seat family car within five years. The Vision 7S study shows concrete ideas for a seven-passenger electric SUV. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular platform for electric vehicles, the car has a battery with a capacity of 89 kWh, a range of more than 600 km and a charge capacity of up to 200 kW. Other electric vehicles will follow by 2030.

However, in the coming years, automakers will continue to modernize models with internal combustion engines. A new generation of his Superb and Kodiaq models will be unveiled later next year. In 2024, a modernized Octavia will appear.

For the era of electromobility and digitalisation, Škoda has created a new design style that will be gradually introduced from next year. It features clear, minimalist lines to emphasize the simplicity and quality of the new model.

From 2030, vehicles at the Škoda plants in the Czech Republic and India will be produced with zero emissions. Leading the way is his Vrchlabí plant, which has been carbon-neutral since 2020.

In the first half of this year, Škoda Auto delivered 360,600 vehicles to customers worldwide, a 30% decrease on the previous year. Operating profit fell from €974 million, or about 23.9 billion crowns, to €676 million, or about 16.6 billion crowns, in the previous year.

The decrease was primarily due to higher production costs and unfavorable exchange rate movements. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine also affects the outcome. Sales from January to June were little changed from the same period last year, worth €10.2 billion, or crowns 250.4 billion.

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