Starmax OD – video library has been added to the SledováníTV . app

Starmax ODAuthor: SledováníTV

The offer of the SledováníTV application has been expanded with films and series from the Starmax OD video library. All customers will be able to access it completely free of charge in September. From October, a fee will be paid: 1 CZK for the first month, then 99 CZK per month.

Starmax OD offers more than 1000 images of different genres. There are comedies, dramas, horrors, Czech classics, fairy tales, and cartoons to choose from. New titles will be added to the catalog every week. Starting on September 1, for example, the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn, Requiem for a Doll, or Journey of the Samurai will be shown. From September 9, the last aristocrat, the watchmaker’s apprentice, the wolf of Wall Street or the Lionheart.

The films can be accessed via the website or in the SledováníTV app in the Movies section. So there is no need to download another app or register separately. It is also possible to purchase access to the video library directly in the store on the SledováníTV portal.

“The Starmax OD video library will complement the two existing VOD services that our customers can use. Along with Edisonline OD and FilmBox OD, users will have access to more than 1,500 films and series of Czech and foreign productions,” said Marketing Director Matog Gijak.

In September, some premium channels were also made available for free to all customers. Throughout the month, in all basic packages, you will find Sport1, Sport2 and Love Nature 4K documentary channels.


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