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The first-ever study that looked at the link between competition and hormonal contraception showed that while women who prevent unwanted pregnancies other than using the pill had increased motivation during ovulation, those prescribed by a gynecologist had significantly less. previously”. Their motivation is up to six times less due to hormonal contraceptives.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne selected 278 women from 21 countries around the world and gave them questionnaires to map their level of competitiveness and motivation throughout the menstrual cycle. They analyzed 4,000 records about a woman’s self-confidence or desire for success over the course of the month. Of the total number of participants, 192 did not use any type of hormonal contraceptive, compared to the remaining 86 women who protected themselves with pills, intrauterine devices or patches, he said. independent.

Not only does the competitiveness of a woman decrease under the influence of hormonal contraceptives, but it also remains stable throughout the month. explained the study team leader, Lindsey Arthur Holm.

In an interview with an Australian website WA today She noted that the psychological effects of contraceptives have yet to be addressed, even though more than 100 million women use them worldwide. “That sounds crazy to me,” she said. “We don’t know exactly why the changes in stimulation level occur, but the fact that hormonal contraceptives disrupt these natural fluctuations is a rather important finding,” she added.

According to Arthur-Hulme, more research is needed to answer the question of how hormonal contraceptive use can harm women. “Medicine has long discriminated against women,” said study co-author Khandis Blake, adding that she expected a number of negative reactions to the study.

At the same time, the thesis authors worry that someone will misuse the conclusions of their study. “Especially at a time when politicians are restricting women’s reproductive rights in America,” Blake concludes. “We certainly don’t want the results to be misused by right-wing populists and start declaring that women shouldn’t get hormonal contraceptives.”

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